5 arrested for distributing red meat

Five persons have been arrested from Barhabise of Sindhupalchowk on the charge of slaughtering a national animal. He was arrested on November 7 at around 11 pm at Barhabise-9, Ramche, while he was distributing beef. The arrested are Arjun Bahadur Thami, 32, of Barhabise-9, Rajkumar Thami, 30, Bhim Bahadur Thami, 30, of Tripura Sundari-2, Dil Bahadur Thami, 34, and Vijay Thami, 19.

According to Daksh Kumar Basnet, Deputy Superintendent of Police, District Police Office, Sindhupalchowk, a police team was immediately deployed on the basis of a tip-off that a cow belonging to Arjun Bahadur of Man Bahadur Thami was distributing meat to a local. The Sindhupalchowk district court has given them a seven-day permission to investigate the case.

Why is Gai important in Hinduism?

The cow is the national animal of the Hindus. It is also the living symbol of the Tettiskoti deity. We all have cows in our own homes. Cow’s dung, cow dung, curd, milk and ghee are called Panchagavya. Every ritual of the Hindus should be a part of this worship. Panchagavya is used to cure some ailments and also to cure some ailments.

It is written in Ayurvedic scriptures that one can get rid of all stomach ailments including constipation, gastric, anorexia nervosa, etc. There is a feeling of purity inside the house along with the destruction of the invisible germs inside the house.

Along with making Panchamrit, Abhishek, etc., which is offered to the deity by way of cow’s goras, it is possible to get rid of cow’s ghee only by performing arine sacrifice for the satisfaction of the deities. Raising a cow at home is equivalent to serving the cow, which is called tettiskoti deity. “Gavo Vishwasyamatar:” meaning that Gai is the mother of all the worlds. It is believed that with the help of Hindu people, religious activities, sacrifices and burial of the dead, the donation of a cow can easily save the living and the dead.

The physical significance of goudaan is of great importance even in the case of Baitarani. The ancient Kalmi Lord Sri Krishna himself was the beloved Go Sevak of Gaika. He used to graze cows in his childhood in Brindavan. From that it is known that the living idol of the cow Tettiskoti, useful for human beings, is the beloved animal of the deities. Today and tomorrow, people of some villages and cities have made the cows reared in their herds homeless.

What do people who are suffering from this problem know? When the cows were not taken out of the house because of such neglect, they cursed their relatives when they did not get shelter or food. The cow is considered to be ugly, no matter how pious it may be, no matter how rich it may be.

Giving grief to a cow, beating her, and evicting her from the cowshed is as serious a crime as evicting a mother from her home. However, knowingly or unknowingly, it would be a great sin for a householder to do this to a cow. If a person treats a straight cow with a religious and national identity inhumanely, he will inevitably fall victim to the same sin.


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