A person from Tribhuvan World Airport in Dubai confirmed bizarre habits all the way through a take a look at.

Kathmandu: Police have arrested an Indian national from Tribhuvan International Airport for trying to smuggle gold by hiding it in Ladwa.

Police and customs have recovered the gold from his possession. It is said that he brought it hidden in ‘Ladwa’. After clearing the customs and leaving, the police became suspicious after seeing his behavior on the way to Arrival. It was found during a check on suspicion, ‘said SSP Rajesh Banstola, chief of the airport security office.

Banstola added, ‘Gold is approximately half a kilo. It has 545 grams including plastic. It has been submitted to the customs. The customs will carry out the measurement and take necessary action.

Also: The Tamor Corridor connecting China and India

The Tamor Corridor, a project of national pride, now has only three kilometers left to connect neighboring China and India. Work on the Tamor Corridor project has now entered the area in Faktanglung Village Municipality-7, Olangchungo, Taplejung.

The last track of the corridor is being opened. Rajiv Lamichhane, a representative of Elite Construction Company, said that the road will be connected to China by mid-February.
‘Now the machine has to swim in the river Tamor. Preparations are being made to cross the river Tamor by performing pooja once before crossing the river, ‘he said. The corridor will be connected to China Ryu Bazaar by crossing the river Tamor.

A Chinese construction company has opened a 35-kilometer long track from Tiptala Naka of China and Nepal to Gary Pati via Olangchungola two years ago. The dry water of Mulkhat of Dhankuta, Terhathum, Panchthar and Faktanglung-7 of Taplejung from Chatara of Sunsari has entered last year. The distance between Garipati and Sukepani is three kilometers, said Madhav Poudel, information officer of the North-South Public Road Project.

Information Officer Poudel said that the corridor from Jogwani of India will be directly connected to India and China through Biratnagar area. It is 230 kilometers from Chatara of Sunsari to Olangchungola. It is 24 kilometers from Olangchungola to Tiptala Naka. It covers a total of 254 kilometers of the Tamor Corridor. It covers 254 kilometers from Chotara to Tiptala Naka.

Chotara of Sunsari is located at a distance of 60 km from Jogwani of India, the gateway of Biratnagar, the capital of Province 1. According to the North-South Public Roads Project Office, Taplejung, the 314-kilometer road will connect India and China directly.

The track construction of the Tamor Corridor connecting China through Olangchugola has reached the final stage. Cheten Lama, spokesperson of Faktanglung village and local of Olangchunggola said that the road is being dug from Mulghat of Dhankuta to Olangchunggola on the Nepal-China border through Taplejung.

He said, ‘The track of the corridor has entered the Olangchunggola area. A 300-meter track has been opened inside Olachungola. Construction of Tamor Corridor was started from Dhankuta, Panchthar and Taplejung in three blocks. The first work track of all the blocks was opened. Poudel said that only three kilometers of work from Sukepani to Garipati of Golangchungo in Faktanglung village of Taplejung is left.

The 180-kilometer-long road will run from Sangurigadhi Gaonpalika-2 of Dhankuta to Lubughat Majitar Taplejung of Panchthar via Olangchungola to Tiptala, the border point of Nepal and China. According to the project, 10 bridges of different sizes are under construction on this road section.


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