After now not showing within the trailer of ‘Six Paws 4’, Jitu were given offended and talked once more in lower than an afternoon.

Comedian Jitu Nepal collaborated with producer and artist Deepak Raj Giri and his team from the movie ‘6 Akan 6’. After that, Deepak Raj Giri, Kedar Ghimire, Jitu Nepal and Deepashree Niraula’s team constructed ‘Wada No. 6, Chakka Panja, Chakka Panja 2, Chakka Panja 3, Cha Maya Chapakkai’. All these films caused a stir at the box office. However, the controversy that started from ‘Mundreko Comedy Club’ has made the victory with Deepak-Deepa commercially different.

Actor Jitu Nepal said that he will not be in the movie ‘Six Paws 4’. In a program organized on Monday to announce the closure of comedy reality show ‘Mundreko Comedy Club’, he said that not appearing in the trailer of the film now means that he will not be in the film.

The trailer of ‘Chakka Panja 4’ which has reached the audience of Hindi film, I have not stopped. At such a time, I would not even be in the film, ‘Jitu said,’ I have made the ordinary actor Deepak Dai and Deepa Didi the hero of the film. They have done a lot for me. I should not always expect them. ‘

With the departure of director Deepashree Niraula from ‘Mundreko Comedy Club’ due to the superhero controversy, the feud between Jeetu and ‘Chakka Panja’ team has increased. However, in public events, they have been giving the message that their relationship is good. It can be inferred from the trailer of ‘Six Paws 4’ that the business relationship deteriorated after the personal relationship got better.

But Jitu has changed what he said while the news was coming out. Following the news on social media, Nepal has said that it is not sad even though it is not in the movie. Jitu said, ‘Just because you are not in the trailer does not mean that you are not in the movie. I don’t know what kind of story Deepakji has made this time. I have received more from Deepak and Deepa than my contribution. They have made me a hero. I am very grateful. ‘

He said that he was not sad about not being in a movie. “I am always ready to cooperate. Even if you say you have to play again, I am ready. I am ready even if you tell me to do this or that. They are my friends I am always ready to cooperate. ‘

Deepak Raj Giri and Deepashree Niraula have made a trailer to inform the viewers that ‘Chakka Panja 4’ is coming. The cast of the ‘Six Paws’ series has not won the trailer. He has been seen in all the three series of ‘Six Paws’ before, but not appearing in the fourth series has indicated that he will not be in the film. The film has not been shot yet. Though the film was not shot, Deepak Deepa has made a trailer for publicity.


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