Anywhere Prachanda touches them, the Congress will undoubtedly grow to be a tree

CPN-UML Secretary and former Minister Gokarna Bista has accused UML of failing to secure a majority government due to UCPN (Maoist) Central Committee Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s ‘Prachanda’. He said that the UML would review the good wishes exchange program organized by the CPN-UML Suryabinayak Municipality-5 Committee today. He said, “The unity and involvement of people including Prachanda in tarnishing the UML and disrupting the internal life of the party has created problems for us somewhere, due to which we have not been able to save the majority government.”

Stating that the UML has come to its present place after overcoming many ups and downs within the communists during the three years of party unity, he said that the UML had to face some bitterness and some very bad and unpleasant experiences in its life at this time.

Secretary Bista said, “Today I would like to announce that the CPN (UML) led by KP Oli no longer has any kind of panel, no faction or sub-faction, this party is organizationally united, this party has no factional mentality anymore. This will make the party more united and move forward. ”

“No party has the strength to go to the polls and compete with the CPN-UML alone in this country, no party has dared to do so,” said Bista. They have even started dreaming that the alliance will go to the polls in fear. ”

Stating that Prachanda had tried to make a profit in the UML’s strong organization after meeting with the CPN-UML for about two and a half years, he remarked that Prachanda was now planning to destroy the Nepali Congress as there was no possibility in the UML as he wanted. Bista has accused UCPN (M) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ of making history wherever he touched it and now claims that the Congress will also end it.

Speaking on the occasion, UML central member and youth leader Mahesh Basnet said that the Nepal Mazdoor Kisan Party had won three seats in Bhaktapur and the Nepali Congress had won three seats in Bhaktapur. He claimed that the development would not be stopped as he was terrified by the wave of development in Bhaktapur.

On the occasion, CPN-UML central member and Changunarayan municipality chief Som Prasad Mishra, Bagmati state assembly member Shashi Jung Thapa, UML Bhaktapur district president Vachan Deuja, Suryabinayak municipality mayor Vasudev Thapa, ward chairman of ward no. 5 Raj Kumar Joshi and others discussed their role in development and prosperity.


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