Argha to the atmosphere solar from Chhath Ghat in Kathmandu

October 24, Kathmandu. On the occasion of Chhath, a big festival of Tarai people, a drink has been given to the setting sun on Wednesday evening.

Bratalu gathered at Chhath Ghat built in Gaurighat, Thapathali and other places of Kathmandu and completed the ritual of the main day of Chhath festival by offering argha to the setting sun.

Due to the Corona epidemic, Chhath Ghat was not built in the reservoir of Kathmandu last year. Many worshiped by making simple ponds and reservoirs at home. This year, thousands of devotees had gathered in the Guhyeshwari Gaurighat area to worship Chhath.

Similarly, there was a large number of Chhath worshipers in Thapathali of Kathmandu. On the occasion of Chhath festival, President Bidyadevi Bhandari has worshiped the idol of Chhath Mata erected on the banks of Bagmati at Guheshwari. She inaugurated the Chhath festival in Guhyeshwari Gaurighat area by worshiping the idol of the sixth mother.

See Chhath Puja performed at Gaurighat and Thapathali in Kathmandu


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