Baduwal case in Kailali: names of 8 accused made public by means of police (together with names)

Police have arrested eight persons on the charge of killing Bhupendra Baduwal of Lamkichuha Municipality-1 in Kailali. Police have launched an investigation into the alleged involvement of eight people in the attack on Tuesday evening.

Among the arrested are Mahesh Rawal, 24, of Chisapani, Lamkichuha-3, Aryan Devkota, 20, of the same place, Dheeraj Shahi, 20, of the same place, Kapil Shrestha, 22, of Lamkichuha-1 and Kishor, 18, of Tikapur Municipality-1. Police have arrested Praveen Rimal, 21, Rohit Ale, 21, and Sohan Shah, 26, of the same place.

Demanding action against the culprit, the relatives of the deceased had jammed the east-west highway all day today. The body was kept at Tikapur Hospital for a day after the accused was told not to understand the body until it was brought under control. Prakash Sapkota, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Area Police Office, Tikapur, said that the body was found by the relatives this evening as per the agreement to take action against the culprit. He said there were still some fugitives involved in the incident and that a search was on for them.

Police recovered a scooter bearing registration number 01008 Pa 5565 from the spot. The motorcycle number 01008 Pa 1072 has been taken under control.

Bhupendra Baduwal of Lamkichuha Municipality-1 of Kailali entered Kathmandu a few years ago to prepare to go to USA. He also passed the first stage of the language test for American higher education. After passing the language test, he was planning to go to the United States.

Baduwal, who was living in Kathmandu with his sister, returned home at ten o’clock. According to Bhagat Baduwal, a member of the Constituent Assembly and a relative of Baduwal, Bhupendra, who is studying for his bachelor’s degree at Lamki Multipurpose Campus, was making final preparations to go to the United States. “Even though his studies were in full swing, he went to Kathmandu with the intention of going to the United States,” said Baduwal. But Tuesday’s incident left Bhupendra’s dream unfulfilled. ‘

According to him, Navin Rawal’s group from Chisapani killed him. “Even though there was enough evidence of involvement in various incidents, the morale of Rawal and others had increased as there was no punishment,” said Baduwal.

According to Baduwal, a secret plan has been made by Navin Rawal to call the young man of royal descent through Bhupendra. “Bhupendra was not aware of the plan to kill the young man of royal descent,” said Baduwal. Ro’h has done the same to Bhupendra by using ‘Hatiya’. According to Shahi, the plan was dropped due to fear of exit.


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