Being ‘Tiktak Famous person Nepal’, automotive prize to the winner

October 24, Kathmandu.

Minister for Labor, Employment and Social Security Krishna Kumar Shrestha has said that the government will provide assistance to the low paid artists in the social security fund.

Speaking on the program ‘Shikhar Tiktak Star Nepal Reality Show 2078’ on Wednesday, Minister Shrestha said that the government would provide assistance to the Social Security Fund for low paid artists. He said that ticket users should make videos of positive things that spread knowledge in the society. He also said that he hoped that the program would expose the perversion of ticketing in the society.

Minister Shrestha said, “I would like to express my commitment on behalf of myself and the government to make this program a success. I am ready to help in the social security fund of the workers, what should be done is help. ‘

Speaking on the occasion, Chairman of the Film Development Board Dayaram Dahal said that social media including Tiktak should use scientific products while maintaining social dignity. He said that he hoped that the Tiktak show would make Tiktak not a bag of perversion but a bag of creative things. President Dahal also requested the government to provide assistance to the Social Security Fund for low paid artists.

President Dahal said, “Scientific products should be used while maintaining social dignity. If we make proper use of social media, we can be polite. This is an opportunity for Tiktak stars to recognize that it is not only distortion, but also creation. It should be noted that it also exposes. ‘

Actress Gauri Malla, Varsha Sivakoti and actor Ramesh Upreti are the judges of the program. The top 10 in the show will get cars, motorcycles, scooters, cameras, laptops, televisions, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth mobiles respectively. In order to participate in Tiktak Star Reality Show, a rule has been made that Tiktak account is mandatory. Similarly, following the Tiktak community guideline, a 15-second to 3-minute video should be made and submitted to the audition round by mid-November. Detailed information about this will be posted on the website of Shikhar Nepal Tiktak Star, according to the organizers.


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