Bhupendra Dashain, who used to be making ready to visit The us, returned house after the autumn, however what took place?

Bhupendra Baduwal of Lamkichuha Municipality-1 of Kailali had been living in Kathmandu a few years ago to prepare to go to the US. He also passed the first stage of the language test for American higher education. After passing the language test, they were planning to go to the United States.

Baduwal, who was living in Kathmandu with his sister, had returned home on the tenth day. According to Bhagat Baduwal, a member of the Constituent Assembly and a relative of Baduwal, Bhupendra, who is studying for his bachelor’s degree at Lamki Multipurpose Campus, was making final preparations to go to the United States.

“Even though his studies were in full swing, he went to Kathmandu with the intention of going to the United States,” said Baduwal. But Tuesday’s incident left Bhupendra’s dream unfulfilled. ‘

His friend Kapil Shrestha had come to call Baduwal who was having dinner at 8 pm on Tuesday. He had taken his friend away from home at 8 pm saying that he was in trouble.

Baduwal was initially taken to Kerabari in Tikapur and then taken to Hotel Siddhartha from where he was killed. Khu’kuri bara’mad of pra’yog bha’a has been used in the murder. It has been learned that Khuri was found near a petrol pump near the incident site.


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