Bhupendra’s demise was once made public through the police at the pretext of his workforce

Mohan Joshi / News Factory Dhangadhi: Bhupendra Baduwal of Lamkichuha Municipality-1 was killed in a ‘gang’ fight in Tikapur of Kailali on Tuesday night. He was the leader of a youth gang based in Baruwal Lamki.

The youths of Chisapani area in Lamki municipality of Kailali and the youths of Lamki area have been fighting for a long time. Baduwal, who is leading the youth of Lamki area, has lost his life while Navin Rawal, who is leading the youth of Chisapani area, is absconding.

According to the Area Police Office, Kailali, the two groups from Chisapani and Lamki have been receiving receipts since the past.

“Both the deceased Baruwal and the fugitive Navin Rawal had been fighting with a gang,” said Prakash Sapkota, Deputy Superintendent of Police in-charge of the Area Police Office, Tikapur. The gang has become ‘fa’it’. The leader of a group was killed. The leaders of the other group are Fa’ra.

According to the police, the two groups clashed in a planned manner. “It was not a sudden encounter,” said Deputy Superintendent of Police Sapkota. That is why the youths with ‘Hatiya’ juice had reached Tikapur. ‘ Police have arrested five members of the Navin Rawal group involved in the incident and are investigating. However, Naveen Rawal is absconding.

Police said that they are searching for him. Considering the security threat after the incident, police have cordoned off Navin Rawal’s parents and brother. He had been running Sangam Hotel in Chisapani. Sapkota, in-charge of the Area Police Office, Tikapur, said that the incident would be further investigated after the relatives of the deceased lodged a complaint.

Also: Rs 15 crore more flower business during the festival

A total of Rs. 152 million 75 thousand flowers have been traded during this year’s festival. The highest exports of centipede flowers were Rs 127.05 million, velvet Rs 1.67 million, Godavari Rs 5.25 million and velvet worth Rs 3 million.

According to Min Bahadur Tamang, president of the Floriculture Association of Nepal, despite the demand of 1.85 million beads in the market, 2.1 million beads have been consumed more than the demand. According to him, 1.6 million beads worth Rs. 130 million were traded last year.

20 days before the start of the festival, non-florists imported large quantities of centipede flower garlands from India and stored them in cold stores without any coordination. Chairman Tamang also complained that flower garlands had to be thrown away.

Especially for the festival, centipede and some other flowers for decoration are imported from India. At present, 450 species of flowers are being produced commercially in Nepal. More than 41,000 people have directly or indirectly benefited from this business. In Nepal, 700 entrepreneurs have been cultivating flowers in an area of ​​about 157 hectares.

Along with the increase in demand for flowers, 675 flower farms and nurseries have been expanded in 41 districts including Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Kaski, Chitwan, Makwanpur, Kavrepalanchok, Gulmi, Palpa, Dhading and Morang. The flower business, which started in Nepal in 2007, is flourishing with the development of urbanization.

Also: To avoid snow and cold

The community of Tokpegola, a Lekali settlement of Taplejung, has shifted to Aul to avoid snowfall. As soon as the snowfall season started, the community of Tokpegola of Mikwakhola Gaonpalika-5, Papung has shifted to Laul to avoid the snowfall.

Residents of Tokpegola have moved to Aul in search of warmth after snow started falling on the high hills near Tokpegola settlement due to the onset of cold weather in the Katikayata Himalayan region. Residents of Tokpegola, a settlement at an altitude of about 3,300 meters, migrate seasonally. Due to the recent snowfall on the hill near the settlement and the snowfall in the area where the Tokpegola settlement is located after the third week of November, the residents have been shifting seasonally every year.

According to Dandu Lama, Ward Chairman of Mikwakhola Gaonpalika-5, Papung, the residents of Tokpegola have relocated to Aul after the onset of cold and snowfall earlier this year as compared to last year. Lama said that 13 families are currently living in Tokpegola and by Friday, all of them have moved to Aul.

Ward Chairman Lama informed that the residents of Tokpegola have moved to the lower settlement of Papung to avoid the cold. To avoid snow and cold, the communities that have fallen from the mountainous region return to Tokpegola after about six months. Pasang Sherpa, a local who is also a ward member of Papung, said that the old people moved to Tokpegola after the end of the cold season.

According to Sherpa, the residents of Tokpegola, who are involved in animal husbandry, move their livestock and herds to lower areas. Residents of Tokpegola, home to only the Sherpa community, move in with their homes locked and build their own temporary shelters in the Aul area. Most of the residents of Tokpegola have their own land in the lower Aul area.

The temperature has also risen sharply in the district. Residents of high mountain settlements are being affected due to the increasing cold day by day and the temperature has also increased in Phungling Bazaar, the district headquarters which is at an altitude of 1,800 meters.


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