Celebrating Chhath via worshiping the surroundings solar, these days is a public vacation

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October 24, Kathmandu. The main day of Chhath festival is being celebrated this evening by worshiping the setting sun.

It is customary to worship the setting sun today and the rising sun tomorrow. The government has given public leave on the main day of Chhath festival today.

This festival, which is celebrated from Kartik Shukla Chaturthi to Saptami by worshiping and adoring the Sun God, started from Monday.

It is believed that offering a bunch of fruits to the sun god is pleasing to all the children including the family of Vratalu. Those who cannot fast on this festival fulfill their wishes from another fast. People who are financially deprived celebrate this festival even if they are begging. It is believed that worshiping the sun by fasting on Chhath festival will bring happiness to the children and fulfill their aspirations.

On the occasion of Chhath celebrations, the President, Vice President, Prime Minister and top leaders of major political parties have given good wishes.


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