Courtroom dispute isn’t at the time table of the events, it isn’t an issue inside the jurisdiction of the events: Dev Gurung

Kathmandu, 24 Kartik. Leader of the ruling CPN (Maoist Center) and chief whip of the parliamentary party Dev Prasad Gurung has said that the court should resolve the dispute within the court itself. He said, “Nepal’s constitution has adopted the principle of separation of powers. As the judiciary is an autonomous body, its problems should be solved from within the courts. We have to find a way out from within. Guides or what to do should be from there. We hope and expect that if there is a problem within the executive, the executive should solve it. Born within the legislature, that legislature must solve the problem. If it is within the judiciary, that should be the solution. As a matter of course, if the issue of the court is not resolved, it will go to the parliament. There are also check and balance options. ‘

Speaking in an interview organized by Reporters Club Nepal today (Wednesday), Gurung said that the country is currently in a state of transition. He also claimed that the issue of resolving issues within the court was not on the agenda of the parties at present. “It’s not an agenda,” he said. And, the agenda of the parties has not been formed. This is not even a matter within the jurisdiction of the parties. In the future, if it becomes the agenda of the parliament, or the agenda of the executive, then the parties will be attracted then, otherwise the parties will not be attracted now.

He said that the formation of the coordination committee was a normal process. He said, “At present, the government is not in the process of forming a coalition. It has a long history of carrying out joint movements on certain issues. The Left Democratic Alliance was formed in 1946 BS. It is normal for parties to form alliances and jointly campaign on common issues. This is the system of democracy. Is humble This is no different. Even now there is a threat to the constitution and democracy, the question of protecting everyone is a big thing. Defending the nation is a challenging situation. In this case, there should be consensus and cooperation among all parties. Only the five parties have reached an agreement and cooperation. There is, of course, a role to play in defending independence, the democratic republic, and running the government. Regarding the election, the election of the National Assembly is taking place. For that too, the alliance goes together. It has been agreed and agreed to go jointly in the by-elections as well.

Similarly, Gurung said that the contents of the MCC agreement were against the national interest and clarified that the provisions should not be approved by the parliament without amending them. He said, “First of all, the content of this agreement is against the national interest. This provision cannot be amended. Will it be ready to be transformed into an economic project by making amendments or not? We are ready to move forward if we are ready to transform. No, looking at this agreement, it seems that it is a violation of Nepal’s sovereignty. Provisions that violate Nepal’s sovereign rights should be amended. The United States has said it is part of the IPS. It cannot be part of a military alliance. Our constitution itself has said that we should not join any kind of military alliance. The United States needs to make that clear. “

He said if the MCC was a financial grant, it would be a matter for the government to implement the agreement and it was not necessary for the House to approve it. He said, “The agreement was not written to be approved by the house, it was written to be approved by the house during the Oli government.” If it is an economic plan, it does not need to be approved by the House. It was not written in the agreement that it would be approved by the House. Not even the recognition of international law. The agreement with the company is not international law.
He said that although the MCC agreement was covered as an economic project, the content looked like a military agreement. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture. This is a dreadful character. It is not a matter for approval by the House. It should be declared that MCC is not a part of IPS. There should be national consensus. At present, it does not seem to be moving forward with the House under any circumstances. Coalition parties may have their own opinions and opinions. It is to move forward through the process of common recognition and consensus. In the future, the United States is ready to make amendments and move forward if the parties can reach an agreement. The Maoist center has also put forward the same thing. The unequal conditions in MCC should be amended. There should be a national consensus among the parties on the issue of MCC. They will not move forward unless these two things happen. ‘


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