Deuba’s problem to former king, ‘Politics is wanted for monarchy’

Kathmandu: Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has said that the people should be vigilant against the republic and the constitution. Stating that an inclusive constitution has been drafted in the world, Prime Minister Deuba said that many activities were taking place against the republic and everyone should pay attention to it.

Addressing the program of Ganeshman Smriti Shanti Pratishthan on Wednesday, he said that the issue of restoration of monarchy in the country has come up recently, adding that the republic was brought by King Gyanendra. Deuba also challenged former King Gyanendra Shah to enter politics if he wanted a monarchy.

Now it is time to restore the monarchy. The republic was brought by King Gyanendra, where did we bring it? ‘ Deuba said, ‘I will offer everything to the government, I am ready to offer anything. But the government said it could not go against democracy. But I was arrested. So all of a sudden the people got hot. In a country where democracy has come. It has gone in favor of democracy, so the people came. The last battle was fought. The republic came. The constitution has been made. ‘

Stating that people can oppose, support and do many things against the republic and the constitution, he said that they should pay attention to it. Deuba added that the monarchy needs to be politicized, adding, “Therefore, democracy is the alternative to democracy. Is it because they have fought the election that they cannot contest the election and are against democracy? Therefore, democracy is the alternative to democracy. Nothing else can happen. There is a good constitution now. Everyone’s rights are included. If there are any problems, we should solve them in a democratic way. ‘


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