Did Deepak take revenge with Jitu? Jitu and Deepak gave such a solution to one another

Kathmandu. As soon as Deepashree Niraula left TV So Mundre’s Comedy Club, there was a rumor that Jitu Nepal would be eliminated from the Six Paws Series. Even in the teaser of ‘Chakkapanja-4’ released in the hall this year, the fear has been strengthened.

Although it is said that the relationship has not deteriorated personally, there is no business relationship between Deepak Raj Giri’s team and Jitu Nepal at present. It is estimated that Nirmal Sharma has re-entered after Jitu Chakkapanja left the team.

Even the viewers are speculating that he will not come in the series as there is no victory in the teaser. Even the script writer, producer and actor Giri himself said that it is not certain that Jitu will be involved in Chakkapanja-4.

“It simply came to our notice then. He may or may not be. He will be if the old story continues and he will not have a role in the new story. We are sitting on the script, ”said Deepak. Jitu said, “I only heard about the teaser of ‘Chakka Panja 4’ being shown, but I didn’t get to watch it.” The film is said to be released in the next ten days. It is not right to gossip that there is a rift from now on. ‘

He said that no decision has been made on his role as the film has not been made yet. There have even been reports that Jitu was upset with the teaser. He said, ‘I was a good artist, they gave me a great opportunity. He made me the hero from whom I also got awards. One should not be happy while giving and should not be sad if one does not give. Even if I have a role in Chakka Panja 4, there is nothing to be upset about. ‘

Admitting that Deepashree was in a hurry to leave the comedy club, he said, “It is natural that if I am not involved in the project they are doing, just like Deepaji was not involved in the project I did.”

He further said, ‘I had just talked to Deepakji before. We are together in some places. But being a professional executive producer is not the same as before. But without that, I wouldn’t be upset. ‘ . Sharma, who rejoined the Chakkapanja series as an actor and producer, also said that he did not know about the victory.


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