Dispute in Sunsari UML: Dwarika Lal Chaudhary snatched the microphone whilst the chairperson was once talking

Prakash Timsina / Sunsari: Dispute in Sunsari CPN-UML has escalated. The ongoing controversy over the issue of returning on 2 June 2075 BS has escalated after a recurrence between the pros and cons. Mike Khosakhos also met at the Omsai Party Palace in Inaruwa on Wednesday.

After a heated debate on the issue of May 2, a dispute had erupted between the group of Chairman Ramesh Basnet and Revathiraman Bhandari, who was made chairman by the KP Oli faction last December. After removing both of them and appointing a third party central member and district in-charge Dharma Niraula as the chairperson of the meeting, there was a rift between the two parties.

Former district chairman and Itahari sub-metropolitan chief Dwarika Lal Chaudhary lost the microphone while presiding over the program. In the meeting chaired by the unconstitutional committee and the unconstitutional person, there was tension in the meeting place after Chaudhary lost his mic saying that the guest should not be left out. After the activists climbed on the stage to snatch the mic from Chaudhary’s hand again, there was further controversy. Chaudhary has left the venue after losing Mike. He said he boycotted the meeting.

He has been preparing for a press conference in Itahari shortly after the Sunsari UML dispute. A leader said that the meeting was not stopped even though Chaudhary lost his microphone. Chaudhary had even posted on social media on Tuesday that the district meeting would be chaired by him.


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