Former Mahakali, now MCC!

No one can say exactly what happens in Nepal. The rainfall during the paddy import was similarly unpredictable. It is said that it does not depend on weather and love. In the case of Nepal, most things are unpredictable. Otherwise, the country will have to take the right path after the removal of the dictator who dissolved the parliament twice. But not caught. Instead another landslide has started in the court. But this article is more about the now-defunct US aid Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).

Discussions have been going on for a long time about whether to accept MCC or not. Does it benefit the country or not? Debates continue from both angles. The MCC is involved not only in television and radio debates but also in conversations in tea shops. The government itself, which needs to make it clear to the public, is also confused. He has already written a letter to the donor.

Even now, the letter written to accept donations from donors is making waves in politics. It has brought a small wave in the alliance. When all is said and done, the situation is like a crow in a fog. When George Orwell’s book Animal Farm Leaders (Pigs) heard Snowden and Napoleon, the general public (animals) did not know what was right and what was wrong.

The debate in the MCC today is probably the same as the debate over the Mahakali Treaty, which was passed 25 years ago. At that time, there were dignitaries in the current leadership who said that it would be beneficial. Leaders who took two-thirds of the vote in parliament are still active in politics. One of the leaders is holding the post of prime minister, while the other has just resigned. The advantage of the treaty is that the deficit is clear.

It is true that history repeats itself. It has been 25 years since the Mahakali Treaty was signed to develop the country by generating hydropower. Probably those who say that development starts from the west are not ready to talk about the benefits of the treaty today. Protesters are saying that we did what we said yesterday. Due to the treaty, the then big party UML was split. Those who are divided have also been found. But no one has been able to tell us how the treaty has benefited us. Tell me if there is any benefit!

The highest post of the Communist Party was held by the General Secretary. The big party was UML. UML general secretary was Madhav Kumar Nepal. It is said that the treaty was passed on the special initiative of Nepal and the current burning leader KP Oli. Oli had said that Nepal would get Rs 120 billion annually by selling electricity after the treaty was passed.

Studying history is interesting. Reading the pros and cons of the Mahakali Treaty magazine at that time gives a glimpse of the MCC today. Why was the Mahakali Treaty passed by two-thirds of the parliament in 2053 BS not in our interest despite widespread public interest? Doesn’t our leadership want the common good? Why did they not develop? What stopped you

Leaders like Oli and Oli who are in favor of the treaty said that Nepal is now on the path of development. He gave lengthy interviews in the magazine. Seeing the self-confidence of the leadership in the interview raises the suspicion that the speaking leader and today’s leader are one and the same person. One such interview was found. Published in Year 14 Issue 42 (October-November 2053) of Evaluation Monthly. In it, Madhav Nepal says that the treaty benefits the country, Vamdev Gautam and other leaders and experts say that it does not. That’s right. It was not considered necessary to mention that. Some of the questions and answers in the interview of UML General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal are as follows:

Evaluation: Looking at the treaty, neither the actual status of the Mahakali River nor the principle of equal distribution of water is clear in the treaty… and how it became progressive and achievable. ?

Nepal: कुराहरू The propaganda that our hand is cut off is completely wrong. There is no question that Nepal has been cheated in the price of electricity. Again, the electricity market is not a stock market. So, Only when India buys electricity at such a price will it be possible to invest and produce there, otherwise no one will invest. In this way, the flaws in this treaty can be corrected while preparing the DPR. And, At that time and even after that, we have to keep on struggling with our demands.

Evaluation: Rights are a matter of treaty. Losing all rights in the treaty, And return to the DPR the rights lost or omitted in the treaty ? This is also possible somewhere ?

Nepal: There is also a practice of first DPR and then treaty. In this treaty Let’s make a DPR first, And let’s make a treatyThat was India’s insistence. But if Nepal insists, let’s make a treaty first, First of all, let’s agree on the principle and make a DPR. Happily now India accepted Nepal’s insistence. For the first time in this treaty, consensus was reached at the level of principle. Once the relationship is defined at the level of theory, other things become detailed. This is in favor of Nepal. Now when we shout that DPR should be made first, we are backing India. So, We should not think of what we have lost in this.

Evaluation: You and Oliji sign the national agreement, Four others who went to be witnesses while signing the treaty, It is said that due to the prestige issue of these few people, the interest of the entire nation and the party has been sacrificed in this treaty. ?

Nepal: This is not the case, If the treaty is not passed, then the whole party, Of the whole country, An organization called UML had a reputation. The reputation of the party is about the dignity and existence of the party. A party without dignity and prestige has no value. No one believes in a party that is treacherous and dishonest. That treaty had to be called a treasonous treaty and a treaty to be reprimanded. Otherwise, the party has already passed on the basis of some reforms, International commitments have already been made, Indian PM and External Affairs Minister, The Prime Minister of Nepal and the Nepali Congress have promised to back down, The reputation of this party, Dignity and honesty are destroyed.

What is Nepal’s answer to the questions asked in this interview? Some questions come to mind. Does our leadership deliberately hurt the country? Or does he just not pay attention when you tell him something to do? Some lawmakers raised this question while passing a new map covering Kalapani, Limpiyadhura and Lipulek. Those who answered did not answer. Whatever had happened. It would not have been possible to go back 25 years!

Mongolia is surrounded by big powerful neighbors like Nepal. Surrounded by China and Russia, Mongolia has successfully implemented the first MCC. It may be the skill of the leadership to succeed in the first time and try to get it for the second time

Although many reasons are shown on the surface, those who are closely watching the politics due to MCC are of the opinion that the CPN (Maoist) government has collapsed. The controversy started after the speaker did not submit the treaty to the parliament. The landslide of Nepali politics that started from there has washed away many things. It doesn’t seem to have stopped yet. Since the media and the scholars have the right to commit crimes committed by their own side, the acts against the prevailing law other than the current KP are also being applauded. The situation is fun!

MCC has the advantage, but not the disadvantage. Everyone is confused. But what everyone can say is that Nepal has been deceived in the Mahakali treaty. It is not certain that Nepal has benefited from the Mahakali Treaty. Even those who say that they benefit from it in Ubela may think that they have been deceived today. Because that is not the truth. Predicting the future and making assumptions based on the results are two different things.

Context of 15 years ago after 25 years

I have listened to the debate on the Upper Tamakoshi project as it is being built in my own district. There was a heated debate like the current MCC when it came to investing in it. There is not enough capital in Nepal for this, so there were a lot of people who said that it should be built through foreigners. Not to mention the fact that it can be built by finding its own resources. Nepal’s Inegine economists have argued, with broad examples, that it cannot be built on Nepali capital. Searched and found. Today, Tamakoshi has been completed with its own investment.

Inegine’s economist had said in a televised debate that Tamakoshi cannot be built with indigenous investment. After the inauguration, a high-ranking official, who had been advocating for indigenous investment, wrote in an article after the inauguration: Threats and temptations are not uncommon. Suggestions to hand over to a foreign company kept coming. ‘

At present, the construction of Upper Tamakoshi has been completed by mobilizing Nepali capital. Connected capacity of 456 MW has been successfully tested. It also provides an example of how big projects can be built by mobilizing Nepali funds. What do those who say that indigenous investment cannot be based on various arguments say today?

More examples

The expressway connecting Tarai Madhes cannot be built in Nepali Rupees. There has been a recent debate that Nepal cannot make it. It was almost in the hands of a foreign company, both in terms of construction and investment. Today, that too is being built by Nepal with Nepali investment. Former Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai said in a program, “We have to face blockade because the Indians did not get the work of the expressway.” Remembering the above two contexts, I do not even rely on the debates of the intellectuals. It is difficult to say that we are really weak, that our self-confidence is weak!

Let’s go back 25 years. Evaluation monthly The same issue has also published an interview of Bamdev Gautam who is against the Mahakali Treaty. In an interview, Gautam said:

Let me tell you an interesting fact. On 2 September, I met the Indian Ambassador and talked to him personally. The Ambassador had called me to meet him.

I asked the ambassador at that time – the border river in most parts of the treaty This means that the border is basically a river, Boundary river basically means equal rights to the water of Mahakali river. This is how we understand it. ? In response to this question, he said, “We do not agree.”

So I asked, “Do you think that equal rights to water, without adversely affecting the existing consumption, mean that we do not reduce the amount of water we have now and that we have half the rights to all water?” ? He also said that we do not believe in it.

I also asked this – the principle of buying electricity in treaty correspondence It has been decided, That means we have accepted the Avoid Cost Principal. You agree ? He also said that our government does not accept this. Similarly, The treaty states that Nepal will sell electricity to India, This means that India must buy electricity from Nepal. You agree with our interpretation ? When I asked him, he said, “We can’t believe it.” .

I also asked him – Indian Prime Minister is coming to Nepal. Then you include these four things in the letter of exchange ? “I can’t guarantee that,” he said .

Similarly, You can take responsibility for making these points part of the treaty in the future ? I asked this. That too cannot be taken care of He replied.

During all these conversations, Radhakrishna Mainali and J.N. Khanal was also.

What happened today is exactly what Bamdev said. At the time, he was considered a staunch opponent of development. Those who are for or against MCC today, what will happen tomorrow? Who will come out right? They are afraid to spread only the wind. It would be foolish to assume that right now.

Finally, the Mahabharata is an important book of Eastern philosophy. The answer to the question of whether time affects the leader is that the leader affects time. The leader believes that time can make him comfortable. Maybe this statement is true.

Mongolia is surrounded by big powerful neighbors like Nepal. Surrounded by China and Russia, Mongolia has successfully implemented the first MCC. It may be the skill of the leadership to succeed in the first time and try to get it for the second time. The role of the leadership in the MCC, which has been unnecessarily scorned in the name of fulfilling limited interests, should be coordinating and determined. Leaders who are right must respond to those who are skeptical and move towards reassurance. Looking at the current scenario, what will the leadership do now? How to do That will be known in the future. We have no choice but to wait!


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