Gandaki Pradesh: No Minister or Group of workers within the Ministry!

October 24, Pokhara. In the first month and a half of the formation of the new state government, most of the ministries in Gandaki remained without ministers. Even the Council of Ministers could not be completed for a long time due to the division in the coalition government.

As the cabinet was not complete, even the ministers appointed on the day of formation of the government remained irresponsible as they were departmental. They were busy meeting and congratulating the cadres. When the ministry was without a minister, the staff also became leisurely. After being without a minister for a long time, the ministry staff had said, “There are no ministers, we are in a relaxed mood.”

However, even now there are no ministers or staff in the ministry. When he reached various ministries in Gandaki on Tuesday, none of the other ministers except Agriculture Minister Chandra Bahadur Budha was seen in the office. Most of the ministries seemed deserted as most of the staff, including the ministers, were absent.

The Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers has three ministries, including the Chief Minister. Even the non-departmental minister Dobate Bishwakarma has been made an office worker in the cabinet office. There was no Chief Minister, no Finance Minister and no Law Minister. Some service recipients, including state parliamentarians, were waiting outside Chief Minister Krishnachandra Nepali’s office. “No one is a minister anymore. The Chief Minister also wants to go out! When are you coming, we are waiting ‘, said an MP.

Finance Minister Ramji Baral’s personal secretary Din Nath Baral said that the minister came out for special work. “He is the only one of the ministers who comes to office late and returns home late,” Baral told Online News. I want to go to an event. ‘

Minister Bindukumar Thapa was also absent from the law ministry attached to the finance ministry. His personal secretary Santosh Basyal, who met him at the ministry, informed that the minister had left for special work. There will be many programs during the festival. Not to be outdone, you just came out ‘, he said.

Physical Minister Kumar Khadka, who is also the spokesperson of the Gandaki state government, was not present in his ministry. Ram Parajuli, senior divisional engineer of the Roads and Buildings Division under the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure, Urban Development and Transport Management, said that the staff was yet to arrive as the festival was not over. “The festival is over, friends are coming,” he said.

Without becoming the 12th minister of the state, departmental minister Dobate Vishwakarma was not even present in the office. No staff was present even in the secretariat of Vishwakarma, which has an office near the office of the Chief Minister.

The minister, who was sworn in as a departmental minister a month ago, has been saying that he is confused about what to do as he has not been given any responsibility in Vishwakarma.

Ministry of Sports

The ministry of state youth and sports minister Rajiv Gurung ‘Deepak Manange’ was also vacant. According to the staff, Minister Manange has not been present in the ministry for a long time. He was in Kathmandu some time ago. His personal secretary Ronit Gurung informed that he reached his home district from Kathmandu.

Minister Manang has handed over the responsibility to his personal secretary Gurung. Gurung has been carrying out the work in the absence of the minister. “Now my brother (Minister Manange) has to reach Fu village. Will you come to Percy? ‘ He said.

Minister Manange’s personal secretary Gurung said that the staff did not want to come to the ministry due to lack of space. He said that he was trying to manage the staff in the cramped building. Even the Ministry of Social Development, which was attached to the Ministry of Sports, was deserted. Though Minister Mekhlal Shrestha was written ‘inside’ in the Ministry of Social Development, he was out. He was attending an event at Lakeside.

Employees on tourism leave: Principal Secretary

Gandaki Chief Secretary Dr Damodar Regmi admitted that the number of staff in the ministry was low as the festival was not over and most of the staff were on tourism leave. He said that the employees would take more leave and go on tourist leave as the workload would be less after Dasantihar.

‘After Tihar, Chhath happens on some holidays. Most of the employees have gone on tourism leave. This will be a period of less work, ‘said Dr Regmi,’ there are other employees. The work is being carried out by those employees now. ‘

Even Chief Secretary Regmi was not present in the office. He informed that he was in Kathmandu for special work and would return in a few days. In Regmi’s absence, Ram Prasad Acharya has been given the responsibility of acting chief secretary.


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