I did not care in the beginning when the smoke got here, the circle of relatives was once destroyed in an instant: Observation of the injured in Lalitpur incident

The family of Laxmikrishna Tamrakar of Mangalbazar in Lalitpur was performing Mha Puja at 6:30 pm on Friday. Eleven members of the family were engaged in worship by forming a circle on the fourth floor of the house.

Suddenly the children of the family shouted that smoke had come. “Initially, I didn’t pay attention to what he was saying. In a moment, I saw a problem,” says the injured Anar Tamrakar. “The floor is completely burnt down.

Before he could return, a gas cylinder exploded with a loud bang. Mr. Laxmikrishna Tamrakar, daughter Anjana Tamrakar, daughter-in-law Ranjana Tamrakar and grandson Nirjal Tamrakar died on the fourth floor.

Lalitpur police chief Kiran Bajracharya said, “They must have been near the kitchen. Four people may have been injured when the cylinder exploded.” According to the police, the son and daughter were seen jumping from the house while the fire was burning. They were also injured.

“Some of us seem to have failed,” says Bajracharya. Police have speculated that the fire may have started from the third floor lamp based on the statement given by the injured and the situation at the scene.

SSP Bajracharya says, “There is a curtain with the lamp. It is estimated that the gas pipe also reached the Aogo Cylinder through the same medium as the gas pipe also caught fire. Another house attached to the kitchen was also damaged in the blast. Police are conducting further investigation into the incident.


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