‘I don’t believe the federal government will carry impeachment in opposition to the Leader Justice, the courtroom must no longer be dragged into controversy’: Minister Uma Regmi

Kathmandu, 24 Kartik. Minister for Women, Children and Senior Citizens Uma Regmi has clarified that a high level coordination committee has been formed as soon as she feels the need. “This is a coalition government,” she said. Yesterday, the CPN (Maoist) had a two-thirds government. The leadership could not hold that government. The CPN (Maoist) government has collapsed due to the conflict within its own party, and today a coalition government has been formed under the leadership of our president Sher Bahadur Deuba.

Speaking in an interview organized by Reporters Club Nepal today (Wednesday), she clarified that a coordination committee has been formed to do everything according to consensus and understanding so that there would be no more conflict within the coalition government. She said, “If everything can be done in a transparent manner by sharing everything, a coordination committee has been formed to strengthen the alliance and ensure that there is no misunderstanding.” This committee has come to move the coalition forward properly till the election.

Speaking in an interview conducted under the chairmanship of Rishi Dhamala, the president of the club, Minister Regmi said that the court should be run in an independent and clean manner. She insisted that the court should not be dragged into the controversy. “The court should not be dragged into controversy,” she said. There is chaos in the country. There is not much to talk about. I don’t think the government will bring an impeachment against the Chief Justice. You should not make demands and prejudices about the court. ‘

She said the current government was working effectively. “The government’s effectiveness is good,” she said. It is not possible to say now that the previous Oli government did a good job. The government has now moved forward with understanding. Even now, it has moved forward with understanding in everything. It is moving forward so that there can be understanding among all. Has begun to do important things. Kovid has also made great strides in this regard. Even now, an agreement has been reached to bring more than 6 million vaccines. It is the duty of the government to protect the lives of the people. It is working accordingly. ‘

She reminded that the current government has given priority to vaccination and Prime Minister Deuba also gave priority to vaccination, vaccination and vaccination as soon as he became the Prime Minister. She added: “Complaints of not getting vaccinated are rare now. Good governance will be maintained. The government is working well on the issue of the people. People are also feeling it. ‘

She also said that she was confident that the party’s current general convention president Sher Bahadur Deuba would rise again and win. “She is OK. Others can also compete. However, he is the chairman. He gives candidature. The chairman is to be chosen by the representative of Mechi-Mahakali. In the game of politics, there is no question of quitting. Congress is a party that believes in votes. No one can protest after the delegates give Deuba a majority tomorrow. There should be a smooth working environment. Looking at it now, it looks like he will win. He seems to have a lot of faith. ‘

She also said that it would be better if an alliance was formed between Chairman Deuba and senior leader Ram Chandra Poudel. “It’s better if they go together,” she said. I also request to meet. This General Convention is their last. If they met, new energy would come to the party. It was going in a new direction. ‘

Minister Regmi said that the MCC would not be passed only by Prime Minister Deuba but would be passed with the consultation and consensus of all the coalition and opposition parties. She said, “Everyone agrees on this issue. That leads to a conclusion. ‘

Mentioning that it was the 107th birth anniversary of Ganeshman Singh, she said that if Singh had been able to follow the path shown by him, the country would not be as it is now. She said, “The country is in turmoil today because the parties have not been able to follow the path and guidance he has shown. The parties should follow the ideals and principles shown by him. Walking that path is a true tribute. ‘


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