Leader Minister Rai will take a vote of self assurance on November 13

October 24, Biratnagar. Chief Minister of State 1 Rajendra Rai is preparing to take a vote of confidence from the state assembly meeting to be held on Tuesday. Appointed as the Chief Minister on November 3, he is preparing to take a vote of confidence on November 12.

The state assembly meeting of state 1 has been called for 12 noon on November 12. Chief Minister Rai said that a vote of confidence would be taken from the same meeting.

State Speaker Pradip Kumar Bhandari had earlier adjourned the meeting till November 8. Chief Minister Rai had said that he would take a vote of confidence on the 23rd. However, after the meeting of the state assembly was postponed till December 12, they started taking the vote of confidence on the same day.

“A vote of confidence was supposed to be taken on November 8, but the proposal could not be registered due to leave,” said Chief Minister Rai.

There is a provision to register a motion of confidence in the Provincial Assembly Secretariat two days before the vote of confidence. Chief Minister Rai said that he was preparing to take a vote of confidence by registering the proposal two days ago.

At present, there are 50 members of the pro-government five-party alliance in the 92-member state assembly. The main opposition UML has 40 MPs and RPP has one.

Chief Minister Rai has appointed two ministers from the coalition Nepali Congress, one each from the Maoist Center and Janata Samajwadi Party and one Minister of State from the Federal Democratic National Forum.

Chief Minister Rai has said that the cabinet will be expanded after taking a vote of confidence.


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