Leader of Military Group of workers Sharma won honorary Maharathi honor in India

Photo: ANI

October 24, Kathmandu. Chief of Army Staff of the Nepal Army Prabhuram Sharma has been honored as the Honorary Commander of the Indian Army. In a special ceremony held at the Rashtrapati Bhavan on Wednesday, President of India Ram Nath Kovind conferred the honorary title of Maharathi on Sharma.

This is Sharma’s first foreign trip under the leadership of the Nepal Army. Arriving in Delhi on Tuesday, Sharma is also scheduled to meet India’s Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) Vipin Rawat. During the visit, he will also hold meetings with some Indian politicians.

On Tuesday evening, he had a meeting with his Indian counterpart Manoj Mukunda Narbhane. Since 1950, it has been customary in each other’s countries to pay tribute to the honorary Chief of Army Staff. Accordingly, Narbhane has already received the honorary title of Maharathi of the Nepal Army on 21 November 2077 BS.

Sharma is the 15th Nepal Army Commander to receive the honorary title of Maharathi of the Indian Army. From Nepal, in 1969, Chief of Army Staff Surendra Bahadur Shah first received the rank of Honorary Commander of the Indian Army.

Since then, Singh Bahadur Basnyat, Gunashamsher Jabra, Singh Pratap Shah, Arjun Narasimha Rana, Gadul Shamsher Jabra, Dharmapalwar Singh Thapa, Prajwal Shamsher Jabra, Pyarajang Thapa, Rukmangad Katuwal, Chhatraman Singh Gurung, Gaurav Shamsher Jabra, Rajendra Chhetri and Purnachandra Thapa have been honored. .

For the first time from India, General KM Kariappa came to Nepal and received the honor of Honorary Maharathi. Since then, 18 people, including Narbhane, have been honored as honorary army chiefs.


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