Mom of ‘Comedy Champion 2’ first runner-up Vicky dies in Kathmandu

Kathmandu: First runner-up Bikki Agrawal of the second edition of reality show Comedy Champion has gone into mourning. Bikki’s mother passed away on Tuesday, said comedy champion Pradip Bhattarai.

His mother Durga Magar passed away on Tuesday. Vicky and her mother Durga came to Nepal on the day of Bhaitika. Durga, aged about 60, had problems with sugar and hypertension. But she was not sick. At three o’clock yesterday afternoon, Bikki left her mother in the room and came out. When he reached the room at 7 pm, he found his mother unconscious. Bikki then took her to Medicare Hospital. However, doctors declared him dead.

He was rushed to Chavahil’s Medicare Hospital for treatment. He was pronounced dead at the scene. She was suffering from high blood pressure and high blood pressure.

Vicky is a native of Sikkim, India. Vicky’s father and brother came to Nepal and found Durga’s body in Sikkim at 4 pm. Despite failing to win the title of comedy champion, Vicky became very popular in Nepal. So Durga came from Sikkim to settle him in Kathmandu. Even in the final of the comedy champion, Durga and her husband came to Kathmandu to encourage their son. Although they returned after the final, Vicky was still in Nepal.

Bikki’s father also came to Kathmandu from Sikkim after the news of his wife’s sudden illness. However, he could not find his wife alive.

Durga had come to Nepal to watch her son’s performance in the final of ‘Comedy Champion 2’. Talking to the media at that time, she expressed her happiness saying that her son also loved Nepal.


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