Other people personal the rustic: PM Deuba (Photograph Function)

Kathmandu, 24 October. Prime Minister and Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba has said that there is no one greater power in the country than the people and the people are the masters of the country.

In a program organized here today on the occasion of the 107th birth anniversary of the founding leader of the Nepali Congress, Ganesh Man Singh, Prime Minister Deuba said that there was an Election Commission for fair elections. He said, “The Election Commission does not listen to anyone, it works according to its policy. Everyone should accept the defeat in the election. Periodic elections are mandatory in a democracy. Democracy is a government accountable to the people. If the government is not accountable to the people, another government will come. ”

On another occasion, Prime Minister Deuba said that the constitution of Nepal did not provide for the dissolution of the parliament under normal circumstances and expressed the view that this provision was made for political stability in the country. “Another thing is that the final interpretation of the constitution is the Supreme Court, others do not have that right. Everyone must accept the interpretation of the Supreme, ”he said.
He also said that Nepal’s constitution was inclusive of the world and ensured inclusiveness of all classes and communities, adding that any problem in the constitution could be resolved through democratic means.

On the occasion, Prime Minister Deuba presented a gold medal to the then president of the Nepal Professors’ Association, Prof. Khagendra Prasad Bhattarai, who had played a leading role in making the people’s movement of 2062 BS a success. रासस

Photo: Mukunda Kalikote


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