Potatoes saved in Humla are rotten, seeds are tough to keep

October 24, Simkot. Hundreds of quintals of potatoes stored in a pit by farmers in Simkot, the district headquarters of Humla, have rotted away.

Farmers of the lower village of Simkot Gaonpalika-5 have destroyed the potatoes stored in the pit for vegetables and seeds during the winter. Hundreds of quintals of potatoes stored for vegetables and seeds have rotted away, leaving farmers worried. Farmer Malti Rokaya of Simkot Gaonpalika-5 lamented that the potato stored in the ditch for seeds and for winter consumption has become more problematic after it rotted.

Local farmer Rokaya said that the potatoes kept in the ditch near the house for cold storage had rotted and wasted. He said that even though nine bags of 60 kg potatoes were buried in the ground by digging a hole in the ground, they had to throw them away after three days of incessant rains in the first week of November. After all the potatoes have rotted, it has become difficult not only to eat but also to save the seeds.

Similarly, eight bags of rotten potatoes of local Sukilli Rokaya have become useless. He said that they had to throw away all the vegetables kept for digging and digging holes in the fields for winter and the potatoes kept for seeds were rotten and useless.

Another local Mukti Rawat said that the potatoes were wasted due to incessant rains. He says that there is more problem for seeds than for eating potatoes. Farmers are worried about winter vegetables and seeds after the potatoes buried in the ground for digging holes for cold storage rotted due to rains.

Most of the farmers of Simkot village municipality-5 have wasted three to four quintals of rotten potatoes. Ward No. 5 Sundar Rawat said that millions of rupees have been lost due to destruction of potatoes kept in pits for winter food and seeds due to lack of suitable resources for storage of potatoes.

He said, “Most of the farmers used to sell potatoes stored in the pits in winter, but this year the unseasonal rains have caused great damage.” He says that next year, there will be more problems for the farmers for seeds.


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