The boy who were given his mom remarried informed him to kiss my mom ..

You may have heard the saying that change should be done with time. Many examples of this can now be seen on social media and the Internet. A viral wedding photo and video on Instagram has embodied this statement. Second marriage is not encouraged in the society.

Due to which, the person who has died, died or his partner died does not think of remarrying. But a child has married his mother who has been living as his single wife.

The boy said that he got a guardian with his mother by remarrying his mother and it would make both of them happy. In the video, the boy, like the father of the church, reported the marriage to Mike and arranged a kiss between the bride and groom after the wedding in the Christian community, forcing the mother to remarry.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, many have liked the video. Also, many praised the child and responded positively to the video.

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