The primary dose of Pfizer vaccine shall be given from October 11

October 24, Kathmandu.

The Ministry of Health and Population has decided to vaccinate against the corona virus ‘Pfizer’ from November 12 to November 15.

Joint Spokesperson of the Ministry, Dr. Sameer Kumar Adhikari, informed that the vaccination campaign has been launched on November 11 targeting the long-term patients. The United States had provided one lakh 620 doses of Pfizer vaccine to Nepal.

The ministry said that only two doses of the Pfizer vaccine would be given to people over the age of 12 who are chronically ill. When going for vaccination, the long-term patient is asked to bring the component related to the treatment of chronic disease issued by the hospital or doctor. The Ministry of Vaccination will administer the vaccine from 24 different hospitals across the country.

These chronic patients are vaccinated

According to the ministry, Pfizer vaccine will be given to those who have undergone heart surgery or taking medicine, kidney transplant, dialysis, treatment of any type of cancer, lung disease, organ transplant, high blood pressure, diabetes.

Similarly, Pfizer vaccine will also be given to those who have low immunity, brain and cerebral vascular diseases, said Dr. Adhikari. According to him, the Pfizer vaccine is safe and effective and the study has shown that it can be up to 95 percent effective if both doses of the vaccine are given.

The Pfizer vaccine should be given in two doses between 21 and 28 days. The ministry has stated that the second dose of Pfizer vaccine will be administered from November 12 to December 15.


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