When Umesh’s telephone rang, I felt like I had received

Comedian Jeetu Nepal-hosted television show ‘Mundreko Comedy Club’ has stopped airing since Monday. The last show aired on Monday. Jeetu, who was presented to the media before the last show aired, looked a bit emotional. He thanked the entire team and guests who participated in the show.

At the same time, they were victorious in thinking that ‘Mundre’s Comedy Club’ should be closed. However, he planned to close the show by organizing a grand event at the end of July. However, the show ended eight months earlier than he thought.

Jeetu, who was standing in front of the journalist, was upset with the famous artist of the show ‘Fulandeki Aama’ i.e. Umesh Rai. He said, ‘I was surprised to hear that Umesh is hosting another reality show. When I called Umesh and asked him if he also said yes, I felt as if I had fallen off a cliff. I wish I had asked once. ‘

Jeetu did not have a written agreement with any of the artists. That is why he had no choice but to hurt Umesh. Jeetu said, “I have not entered into a written agreement with anyone. I have learned the lesson that no one should be trusted too much. ‘

To talk about Jeetu Umesh, the production company of this show reached the door of ‘Ki Advertising’. He did not get a positive answer from there either. He was saddened when he got the answer as to what is the difference between the two. Jeetu said, “I was not disappointed after receiving a positive response from my parents’ organization. If I had received encouragement from Uta, I would probably have been in the mood to run the show till Asar. However, there was no encouragement from anyone. After that I came back to close the show. ‘


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