Willingness to select dying from as of late in New Zealand

Kathmandu: A new law on death has been enacted in New Zealand. From today, New Zealand has a law that allows certain people to choose death. The New Zealand Ministry of Health has implemented such a rule in appreciation of the referendum.

Anyone who has reached the age of 18 has an incurable disease and if the condition cannot be saved for more than six months, the criterion is to choose the option of death by will. For that, the recommendation of at least two doctors has to be made mandatory.

New Zealand held a referendum last October. In that referendum, 65.1 percent of the vote was in favor. The law was passed with a majority. The legalization of euthanasia is expected to provide relief to those suffering from incurable diseases.

Such laws have been implemented in countries other than New Zealand. Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada, Australia and Colombia also have laws that allow for voluntary death. But those countries have set different criteria for euthanasia.


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