Yogeshwar’s land case: The function of Kumari Financial institution is unsure

October 24, Kathmandu. Singer Yogeshwar Amatya had 12 acres of land in Bishrampur of Bara.

The land on the side of the road was in the name of Bhumivan Prali, owned by Amatya and his wife. As they live in Kathmandu, he had handed over the land of Bara to a local.

There were many people who came to ask to sell the land which had been vacant for some years. The person in charge of the land had informed Amatya about it from time to time. “When a lot of people started coming, I even asked them to put up a board saying that the land was not for sale,” said Amatya, a landowner, in a statement to police.

When he found out that he had taken out a loan of Rs 190 million by making fake wealth of his land, he went to Kumari Bank’s New Road branch to find out about it. After the bank did not give a clear answer, he went to the office of the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of the Nepal Police in Maharajgunj a decade ago.

News from the bank after taking the loan

The CIB, which started investigation on the basis of Amatya’s complaint, has arrested five people and is investigating. Among the arrested are Sonu Thakur, loan officer of Bara branch of the bank, SK Maharjan, Muktilal Gautam and middleman Kusum Pradhan.

During the investigation, it has been found out that the singer Amatya had made the loan of his land by someone else only after the loan was taken out by Kumari Bank on the basis of fake wealth. CIB director Dhiraj Pratap Singh told online news that the Bara branch of Kumari Bank was found to have recovered a loan of Rs.

According to an official involved in the investigation, the bank was forced to take out a loan by pledging another piece of land belonging to Dhani Maharjan after finding out that the fake Dhani Purja was pledged and the old loan was recovered from it.

But the bank did not inform the police. Investigators say the bank’s role in the incident is questionable. DIG Singh says, “If the bank had informed in advance, the banking malpractice could have been investigated.” As the bank has already taken a loan, only government documents are being investigated.

However, he said that an investigation would be launched if the public prosecutor’s office directed an inquiry into the matter. However, the 25-day deadline for the CIB to investigate the case and submit the file has expired.

Loan sanctioned from Central Branch

According to an official involved in the investigation, Maharjan and Gautam, with the help of a middleman, had forged a fortune in the name of Daniel Trading Company, Koteshwor, in August 2078. He had applied for a loan at Kumari Bank, New Road branch with the same documents. However, it has been revealed that the New Road branch has written to the Bara branch for evaluation of the pledge as the pledged land is in Bara.

According to the officials, loan officer Sonu Thakur and appraiser Rajesh Chaurasia are involved in evaluating the loan from Bara. “Thakur, who is also a junior assistant, has to bear the legal obligation as he has signed the mortgage deed,” said an official in charge of the investigation. Both are currently in CIB custody.

According to a source, the local body had to certify four forts while evaluating the pledged land. An investigation by the Naxal-based bank’s headquarters has shown that the final approval of the loan was due to the large amount of money. Maharjan and Gautam, who are rich in fake land, have also given statements that they have been trapped by Pradhan.

The case is still unresolved

Police have kept the arrested persons in custody for 20 days. The investigation report should be submitted to the public prosecutor’s office within 24 days, ie 4 more days.

Even public prosecutors need time to study, so they need to be informed beforehand. However, many issues of the case have not been resolved yet. It is not clear why Majarhan and Gautam chose Amatya’s land in Bara to make fake documents. Authorities suspect another person may have been involved in the incident. Although not sure.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. According to the investigating officers, after filing a complaint with the CIB, a rich man was asked to take a loan from a bank. It did not match with the records of the Land Revenue Office in Bara.

“In the records of the landlord, the land appears to be in the name of Yogeshwar and his wife. The seals in the fake rich documents are the same, but the seal has been sent to the Central Forensic Science Laboratory for testing,” the source said. It is not clear how the paper was made at the local level.

According to the source, the police is also analyzing the call detail records (CDRs) of the five arrested persons. According to a source, they have been in touch with some land traders in that process. However, an official claims that the involvement of these people has not been confirmed.

CIB director DIG Singh also said that he would be arrested soon as some people were involved.


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