A brand new track within the voice of Kushal Belbase after the hand worship went viral (video)

Kathmandu: Popular singer Kushal Belabase’s voice has started selling in the Nepali music field. Popular singer Kusal Belbase’s new song “Ansuko Pasal” has just been released through Bindabasini Music Prali, which has been playing a leading role in the promotion and development of lyric music for a long time.

A team of experienced artists has presented the music with the words and voice of a successful singer to create the image of a skilled singer through his melodious voice.

The song is based on the story of a couple who broke up in love. The lyrics of the song have been composed by singer Kushal himself while the rhythm has been composed by Rishi Khadka. The theme of the song has been composed by Hari Chhetri.

The song is directed by Prakash Bhatt and stars Shishir Poudel and Sarika KC.


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