Established order of Oxygen Plant at Rapti Provincial Clinic

Dang, 25 October. Oxygen plant and refilling room has come into operation at Rapti Provincial Hospital in Tulsipur, Dang. The hospital has said that there will be no shortage of oxygen after the operation of oxygen plant and refilling room in the hospital.

Medical Superintendent of the hospital Dr. Binod Singh informed that oxygen production has started as soon as the plant came into operation. The plant has been constructed at a cost of Rs 15 million. At present, 75 cylinders of oxygen are being produced daily. The hospital has stated that it has received the required oxygen immediately after the commencement of production.

The hospital administration has stated that the financial burden of the hospital has been reduced by three lakhs. Earlier, the hospital was forced to procure about 10 oxygen cylinders daily from outside. The hospital has stated that now that oxygen can be produced and refilled, patients can be easily treated even during the Kovid-19 epidemic.

A meeting of the Council of Ministers held on May 16 had decided to allocate Rs. 168 million for 12 hospitals in Nepal including Rapti Provincial Hospital in Tulsipur. The plant has been set up after the corona infected died due to lack of oxygen. Construction of another plant capable of producing 6,000 liters of oxygen daily has started in the hospital premises. The construction of the plant has been started with the support of Government of Canada and coordination of Nepal Red Cross Dang. Covid wards have also been brought into operation in the provincial hospital targeting corona patients for a month now. The hospital has already built 30 intensive care units for children, 30 intensive care units for other age groups and 10 HDU units, said Drona Wali, manager of the hospital. रासस


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