Felony practitioners is not going to recommend for debates on problems instead of habeas corpus

The Nepal Bar Association, which is agitating against the Chief Justice, has continued protesting with black bandages on its hands.

October 25, Kathmandu. Even if the disgruntled judges of the Supreme Court return to the bench, the legal practitioners will not go for debate. Stating that there are indications that some of the disgruntled judges will return to the bench, the Nepal Bar Association has decided not to hear any petition except ‘habeas corpus’ in such cases.

Lilamani Poudyal, general secretary of the Nepal Bar Association, said that the bar would not deviate from its position if some judges returned to the bench. “The chief justice has tricked some judges into returning to the courtroom. He may have guessed that the lawyers would go to the courtroom with their bags and argue,” Poudyal told online news. We are not going to stop the movement and agree with the judges. ‘

Two days ago, some of the disgruntled judges of the Supreme Court had discussed the issue of sitting in a bench other than the Chief Justice in case of a round of hearing. However, he concluded that a full meeting of the Supreme Court without the Chief Justice should be held to amend the rules and that it was almost impossible.

A judge said that the discussion would not go ahead as the chief justice would convene a full meeting but the rules would be amended only if he did not attend the meeting. While the judges are holding a general discussion on the issue, the legal practitioners have decided not to go for debate.

Bar Secretary General Poudyal said that the legal practitioners would look into the petitions of habeas corpus in any sitting except Chief Justice Cholendra Shamsher Jabra but he would not attend the sitting. “We have already sent a letter to the members of the Judicial Council and the Judicial Service Commission asking them to stop the administrative work of the Chief Justice. “We are still talking about going strong as he has shown indifference to the demand,” he said.

Stating that the Chief Justice has not taken any initiative in addressing the demands raised by them regarding the restructuring of the judiciary, General Secretary Poudyal said that their demands would not be addressed just by bringing disgruntled judges to the bench. He said, “The other judges disagreed. We did not protest that you should bring them back to the bench. If our demands are addressed, there will be an environment for other judges to return to the bench.


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