‘I Sing This Tune 2’ shall be launched on January 4

October 25, Kathmandu.

The release date of the film ‘Ma Yasto Geet Gaunchu 2’ directed by Sudarshan Thapa has been fixed. Director Thapa has informed that the film will be screened on January 4. The screening of the film, which was scheduled to be released on March 12, 2076, was stopped due to the Corona epidemic.

Due to the epidemic, the film could not be screened for a long time. The film stars Pooja Sharma, Pal Shah, Harihar Sharma, Dinesh DC, Raja Rajendra Pokhrel in the lead roles. The film is a joint venture between Pooja Sharma and Sudarshan Thapa. Thapa has mentioned on social media that his film is being screened with the aim of making the entire film industry move.

He wrote, “It is necessary now that not just one film but the entire Nepali film industry is moving. With the same objective, we have decided to screen the Nepali film ‘I Sing Such a Song 2’ on January 19 this year. ‘


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