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October 25, Kathmandu. So far, two teams from Europe have been selected for the 2020 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Qatar has also been directly selected as the host, while Germany and Denmark have excelled in the group stage and secured tickets for Qatar two games in advance.

A total of 13 nations from Europe will be able to play in the World Cup. Now 11 teams have to be selected.

The selection for the World Cup has been made by dividing 55 European countries into 10 groups. All 10 group winners will be directly selected, while the runners-up and two Nations League teams will play in the playoffs for the remaining three places.

So far, Denmark has been selected from Group F and Germany from Group J.

The remaining selection games are starting again from today, Thursday.

Group A

In Group A, Serbia tops Group A with 17 points from seven games, followed by Portugal with 16 points from one game less.

These two teams are sure to be in the top two. The final match between the two teams is being played on Sunday and it will be decided which team will be directly selected and who will go to the playoffs.

Group B

Sweden tops Group B with 15 points, followed by Spain with 13 points.

Both have two games to play and the choice is in their hands. If Spain beats Greece and Sweden, they will be in the top spot.

But Sweden also need only four points from the games against Georgia and Spain. In this way, the game between Spain and Sweden seems to be decisive.

If Sweden beat Georgia in Thursday’s game and Spain lose to Greece, Sweden will be one game ahead.

Group C

There are five teams in this group. Italy and Switzerland are in first and second place with 14 points each. Italy is ahead in terms of goals scored.

Now Italy and Switzerland will face each other and you will know what the equation will be from this game. Italy will then play Northern Ireland and Switzerland will play Bulgaria.

Group D

World champions France top Group D with 12 points from six games. Ukraine are second in the five-team group with nine points from seven games.

France will qualify for the World Cup if they beat Kazakhstan in the upcoming match. If Bosnia and Herzegovina and Finland draw, France will have one point.

Apart from France, Ukraine, Finland and Bosnia are in the running for the playoffs.

Group E

Belgium is at the top with 16 points from 6 games. The Czech Republic, who have played seven games, and Wales, who have played six games, are in second and third place with the same 11 points.

Belgium now have to play Estonia and Wales. Belgium will be directly selected if they win the first game. The Czechs and Wales are in contention for the playoffs.

Group F.

From this group, Denmark has been selected for the World Cup with 100% victory. Denmark has 24 points from 8 games. Scotland are second with 17 points from eight games and Israel are third with 13 points. These two teams are in the playoffs.

Group G

The Netherlands tops the group with 19 points from eight games. Norway is in second place with 17 points from the same game. Turkey is in third place with 15 points. In the case of the Netherlands and Norway, the choice is in their own hands. Turkey, on the other hand, has a slim chance.

The Netherlands will play Montenegro and Norway will play Latvia. The two teams will then face each other.

If the Netherlands beat Montenegro in Saturday’s game and Norway fail to beat Latvia, the Netherlands will be selected before the final game. But if Norway loses to both Latvia and the Netherlands, it will go straight to the World Cup.

Group H.

Russia is first in the group with 19 points and Croatia is second with 17 points.

The two teams are sure to be in the top two. But both the teams are in the top position and are directly in the race to be selected in the World Cup. If Russia beats Cyprus in Thursday’s game and Croatia fails to beat Malta, Russia will be directly selected.

If both teams win, the match between Russia and Croatia on Sunday will decide which team will reach the World Cup.

The group came

England are top with 20 points from eight games. Poland is in second place with 17 points. England have to play Albania and San Marino.

England need four points from two games to be selected. There is also a possibility that England will have to wait until the last game to be selected in the World Cup. But if they beat Albania in Friday’s game and Poland can’t beat Endor, then England will be one game ahead.

Poland are two points ahead of Albania in the playoffs.

Group J

Germany has already been selected in the World Cup by adding 21 points from 8 games. Romania is second with 13 points and North Macedonia is third with 12 points. Similarly, Armenia also has 12 points. These three teams are in the running for the playoffs.

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