Jammakattel turning into Finance Minister in Bagmati Pradesh

October 25, Kathmandu. Bagmati Chief Minister Rajendra Pandey has decided to expand the cabinet.

Chief Minister Pandey is set to appoint Shalikram Jammakattel, leader of the ruling Maoist center Bagmati Pradesh parliamentary party, as Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning.

Jammakattel was earlier the Minister of Internal Affairs and Law in the Dormani Poudel-led government. According to a Maoist central lawmaker, Jamkattel has taken over the finance ministry as the state government is preparing to bring a supplementary budget. Jammakattel will be sworn in on Thursday.

Pandey, who was appointed chief minister on November 26, had appointed three ministers on the same day.

Krishna Prasad Khanal of the Unified Socialists is the Minister for Internal Affairs and Law, Krishnalal Vandel of the Congress is the Minister for Physical Infrastructure Development and Kumari Moktan of the UCPN (Maoist) is the Minister for Social Development.


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