KUKL plans to extend 10 million liters of water day-to-day within the Kathmandu Valley

October 25, Kathmandu. It is planned to make 10 million liters of water available in Kathmandu Valley daily. As it will take time for Melamchi water to reach the valley, alternatives are being sought.

Deep boring is being dug in various places to conserve the resources in the valley. Chief Executive Director of Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited, Milan Shakya, said that the drinking water will be distributed by mobilizing the available resources until Melamchi arrives.

According to him, more water is being taken from the existing springs by conserving them. Old tubes are being preserved.

He said that the schedule will be changed after the quantity of water available increases. Service recipients in some places in the valley have been complaining that water has not come to their homes.

He said, “Even in those places, drought will be managed by filling public tanks from tankers.” Ltd. is digging tubewells in 10 places to increase drinking water capacity in the valley. Increasing the existing wells and deep tubing will add 10 million liters to the existing water.

Currently, there is a daily demand of 430 million liters of water in the Kathmandu Valley. The company has stated that it has been able to provide about Rs 170 million in rainy season and less in winter. With the onset of winter, the availability of water has decreased and 80-90 million liters of water is being distributed daily.

The concerned branch under the Ltd. has been keeping a schedule from its Facebook page on which bars and at what time water will be distributed in its area. The Kathmandu Valley Drinking Water Management Board is also studying alternative water sources.

Feasibility study of water sources including Sisneri and Kulekhani is also being done. Ltd. is constructing deep wells in the valley where land is available.

One construction has been completed in Sanepa-Balkhu while construction is underway in Gokarna, Bhaktapur and other places. While providing public land at the local level, excavation has been done if possible after studying.

Kathmandu Valley has been facing drinking water problem for decades. Melamchi water was being brought to solve the water problem. The problem has increased again after the water stopped flowing due to the accident in Melamchi.


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