Leader Minister Raut’s enchantment to put in writing correct census information

October 25, Janakpurdham. Chief Minister of State-2 Lal Babu Raut has appealed to the people of the state to write accurate data in the census.

Chief Minister Raut has appealed to the supervisors or enumerators who come for the census to record the correct details. He has also urged the enumerators who come to the house to collect data to be kind.

The state government cordially requests all the brothers and sisters living in the state to answer all the questions asked by the enumerators patiently. The appeal states.

Similarly, in this census, what is the condition of employment, unemployment, access to banks and financial institutions, whether they have received government grant or not, what is the condition of community buildings up to ward level? The Chief Minister has appealed for a patient answer as the questionnaire on such a small but very important issue for the citizens has also been included.

The Chief Minister said that the census would reveal the status of Dalits, Janajatis, minorities, endangered, women, persons with disabilities, etc. He has said that he will make a program.

He said that the accurate data collected by the people of the state would make it easier for the state government to plan.


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