Lustful love and marriage of Chinese language younger guy and Nepali younger lady (with video)

Kathmandu. Marriage style, beliefs, rituals, customs vary according to geography and community. However, two opposite sexes are married. Which is prevalent all over the world. This is a natural process. Why marriage This does not mean that everyone agrees. Some consider marriage a necessity of creation, while others consider it a voluntary matter.

Manika Magar of Morang Singh Devi was using Facebook. He was suddenly greeted by a friend from Chinese citizen Lengbi. It is unclear whether he will accept the request.

Later she made friends. The conversation was intense. Manika was ill in Kathmandu. Langby came to visit him at the hospital. After I released Manika, they consulted at home and got married.

Manika’s family had advised her to get married after seeing that a Chinese national had killed her. At present, they have one child. This couple is very happy after receiving a lot of love from each other. According to Magar, preparations to go to China have been stopped due to the lockdown. Manika says that she is happy and very much loved even though she is a Chinese citizen.


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