Manang is stuffed with younger gamers

25 Kartik, Kathmandu.

Martyrs’ Memorial is the record-breaking eighth-time winner of the ‘A’ Division League, Manang Marsyangdi Club. This club has a record of being promoted from C division to A division every year.

Commercially very successful Manang has always been vying for the title in the domestic top division league. National team and age group players are at Manang Club during league time.

Among Nepali clubs, Manang is known as a club that spends money for players. That is why big and star players prefer to sign in Manang. There was a lot of competition between the players to get a contract in Manang.

However, such an environment has not existed lately. Clubs other than Manang have started investing for more players. Last season, about a dozen players from Manang visited Machhindra Football Club at the same time.

After that, Manang formed a youth team and somehow ended the league. The same young player put Manang in third place.

This time too, Manang is once again homing in on the league with young players. Manang has intensified its preparations by preparing young players for the league starting from 29th October.

Currently, Manang has brought Pokhara Stadium as its home ground. The league is taking place in Kathmandu Valley. The Manang team is holding practice sessions in the valley.

Most of the players in the team are young. Players from national football and Nepal’s age group are in Manang. Manang will be captained by Anjan Bisht. He will be accompanied by Dinesh Rajbanshi, Vishal Sunar (goalkeeper), Aditya Chaudhary, Pravesh Danuwar, Deepak Rai, Pujan Uparkoti, Vimal Rana, world officials and foreign players Afiz Olawale and Adelaja Somide.

Manang is aiming to reach its destination with the journey of these players. Due to the working committee changing every two years, Manang starts preparing for the league a little earlier and even the players are not allowed to sign long term contracts.

This season, the club aims to present the league’s claim to young players. Team coach Rajendra Tamang tells News Karkhana that he is well prepared and poses a good challenge in the league.

“Preparations for the league are going well. Some more players are still coming. I am confident that the players will give good results as the manager Pato is also good ‘, says Rajendra, who has been training for the departmental APF football club for the last two seasons.

Manang is preparing to put Fuja Tope as the coach by keeping Rajendra in A license this time as well. Fuja will fall in Nepal in a few days.

In Fuja’s training, Manang won the league title for the record eighth time in the league without relegation. Last season, Manang finished fourth in Fuja’s training.

Foreign players all over Afil and Adelaja

Manang, which is full of young players, is on the verge of getting a good result in the important performance of foreign players this time as well. For this, Manang has recruited Afiz Olawale and Adelaja Somide, who have become accustomed to the attack in Nepal.

In the league without relegation, both the players had an impressive performance from Manang. In the subsequent league, the office was not in Nepal while Adelaja Machhindra was involved. Afiz scored seven goals and Adelaja scored four goals in Manang’s record eighth league win.

Adelaja had scored four goals when giving the league title to the previous winner Machhindra for the first time.

Even in the recent Nepal Super League (NSL), both the players gave a good performance for the club. Adelaja scored two goals for Biratnagar while Afiz scored four goals for Dhangadhi in the NSL.

Therefore, Manang has high expectations from the two leading players even in the league this season.

Players contracted by Manang so far

Anjan Bisht (Captain) Dinesh Rajwanshi, Vishal Sunar (Goalkeeper), Aditya Chaudhary, Pravesh Danuwar, Deepak Rai, Pujan Uparkoti, Vimal Rana, World Officer, Afiz Olawale, Adelaja Somide, Ashok Baral, Ekraj Gurung, Deepak Rai, Saroj Yonjan


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