Nepal Bar warns to not intrude in non violent demonstrations

General Secretary of Nepal Bar Association Lilamani Poudel.

October 25, Kathmandu. Nepal Bar Association warns not to interfere in peaceful demonstrations. Law enforcers and police clashed at the Supreme Court premises during a corner meeting after the sit-in on Thursday.

In a statement issued after the corner meeting, the association said that the law practitioners were subjected to excessive use of force and beatings on the direct order of the Chief Justice. He also warned against interfering in peaceful demonstrations in the coming days.

In a statement, Barr said on Friday that he would not advocate for any issue in the entire bench of the Supreme Court and would boycott the bench. He also urged the judges not to sit in the bench appointed by Chief Justice Jabra.

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The Nepal Bar Association (NBA) has been protesting peacefully since November 29, 2008 demanding the resignation of Chief Justice Cholendra Samser Rana. In the same manner used against the people, various armed maneuvers were carried out and during today’s peaceful protest rally, armed security personnel entered the court on the direct orders of the Chief Justice and used excessive force on the law practitioners. Kumar Sharma Acharya, NEBA Vice President Advocate Raksha Vasyal, NEBA General Secretary Advocate Lilamani Poudel, former NEBA Central Member Raman Kumar Karna, Advocate Mukunda Bhattarai and other legal practitioners have been injured.

The Nepal Bar Association strongly condemns this act of the Chief Justice. We would also like to warn against repeating such an act in future. Not only from their own courts and legal practitioners but also from the general public, they have been protesting against the ousted Chief Justice. We also appeal to the Hon’ble Judges to sit in the bench appointed or appointed by the Chief Justice Cholendra Samser Rana and to be present at all the legal practitioners tomorrow, 2078-07-26 at 9.30 am.

Advocate Leelamani Poudel

Secretary General


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