PSG participant Diallo arrested for beating a colleague

October 25, Agency.

Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Aminata Diallo has been arrested by French police for allegedly beating and injuring a player playing in his own position.

Last Thursday, while traveling in a car with Diallo, a masked group attacked PSG midfielder and French national team player Kheira Hamaravi. The assailants took control of Diallo, who was driving, and injured Hamaravi. He was beaten on his leg with an iron rod.

PSG also issued a statement on Wednesday stating that police had arrested Diallo for questioning. But no details have been given about the incident. The French newspaper Le Eckip has obtained details about the incident, citing people involved in the incident.

Diallo has been accused of conspiring to injure a player playing in his place at the club and national team. After the team’s dinner, Diallo himself told Hamaravi to go with him and the assailants grabbed Diallo and attacked Hamaravi only.

In Tuesday’s Champions League match, Diallo played in the same place as Hamaravi. Hamaravi came to PSG from Barcelona this season. Her leg was injured in last Thursday’s attack. But the injury is not serious. Diallo did not get a chance to play after returning to Atletico Madrid on loan this season. It is estimated that Hamaravi was attacked saying that he would be allowed to play after injuring him.


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