Step-grandparents make 11-year-old woman pregnant, babal far and wide the rustic

Kathmandu. The issue of abortion of an 11-year-old girl who became pregnant due to her stepfather is now being discussed all over the country. The incident took place in the South American country of Bolivia. Human rights activists have called for her to have an abortion, while some religious groups have opposed it. Due to which the whole country is in turmoil. Religious organizations have even persuaded the girl’s mother and parents to support her.

According to a Daily Mail report, the stepmother made the 11-year-old girl pregnant. The grandfather was sent to jail, but the issue of the girl child is being discussed all over the country. On the one hand, human rights organizations are advocating for abortion of girls, while the Catholic Church and religious organizations are against it. The controversy has now sparked a heated debate there.

The Catholic Church’s intervention in the incident has been seriously questioned. It is claimed that religious groups talked to PD Taki’s mother and persuaded her to protest. However, due to human rights organizations and abortion laws, PD’s family has changed its mind.

Bolivian human rights activist Ann Paola Garcia said: “The girl didn’t even know what it meant to be pregnant. She told her uncle’s brother that she felt something moving in her stomach. The mother had informed the police after her brother told her. Abortion is generally legal in Bolivia, but in cases where there is a congenital malformation or abortion, the abortion can be performed.


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