The circle of relatives of Gorkhaki Ekta Adhikari, who misplaced her existence in a aircraft crash in Ethiopia, gets repayment

Kathmandu. The family of Ekta Adhikari, who lost her life in a plane crash in Ethiopia, is to receive compensation. She was a former resident of Mirkot VDC-3 of Gorkha. Adhikari’s father Kazi Adhikari and mother Parvati had moved from Mirkot to Chhepetar in Gorkha Municipality-10. They are now living in Balaju, Kathmandu.

According to Adhikari’s younger uncle Dhruv Adhikari, two sisters of Ekta were in the US at the time of the accident and one brother was at home in Balaju. Mother and father, who were in the United States with their two daughters, have returned to Nepal after receiving the news of Ekta’s death.

Ekta had passed secondary level from St. Mary’s School in Kathmandu. Ekta had returned to Nepal four years ago after completing her MSc from the UK. Adhikari, who has been working in Nepal since the 2072 earthquake and joined the World Food Program (WFP), arrived in Ethiopia only eight months ago.

A ship bound for Nairobi, Kenya, from Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, crashed on February 26, 2075. A total of 157 people, including Gorkha Ekta Adhikari, were killed in the accident. Shipbuilding company Boeing is ready to compensate the family of Gorkha Ekta Adhikari, who lost his life in a shipwreck in Ethiopia almost three years ago, and other victims. .

Boeing pleaded guilty in a Chicago court to the deaths of 149 passengers and eight crew members, according to Reuters. “Boeing is committed to providing full and fair compensation to all families who have lost loved ones in such accidents,” Boeing said in a statement issued on Wednesday.


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