The husband would go back to his spouse yearly, however this unlucky spouse, Kumari, would undergo

Urlabari. Kumari Khatri, 31, who started her marriage at the tender age of 17 after taking a vow to live and die together, has become insecure from her husband. Kumari, who hails from Triyuga 8 Ratekhola in Udayapur, is now taking shelter at her sister’s house in Ratuwamai 8, Itahara, Morang after her husband threatened to beat, beat and kill her.

Not only her husband, but also her mother-in-law Nanda-Amaju and brother-in-law were not on her side. Kumari has two sons aged 12 and 8. Kumari had been living apart from her husband Siddhi Kumar Khadka for the past five years.

When the husband found out that his wife had returned every year, Kumari started living alone in Gharsallah. The Khadka couple had a great time at home while going to Qatar for foreign employment. However, after Khadka returned from Qatar and went to Malaysia, Kumari’s sad days began.

Kumari says- I fell in love with Rai Tharki girl in Malaysia. Then he started neglecting me and my sons. Even the family members advised that no matter how much the son brought, he would do well. I also believed that it would be something bigger than myself.

The woman from Rai Tharki also died after consuming poison. Her work was done in my house according to Kiriya Eastern tradition. I was also happy that Kasingar, who had to be washed by Kucho, was blown away by the wind, said Kumari. However, her husband had another woman named Magar Tharki. After a scuffle between the two women, I heard rumors that Rai Tharki had poisoned the woman. Kumari said that there was a rumor in the village that her husband was arrested by the police and released a few days back.

Being a woman, I endured everything. However, after the in-laws, brother-in-law and Nanda-Amaju gave permission to the husband to enter the house with his third wife on the day of Dashain Tika, the world looked dark. She lodged a complaint with the police and the local administration after realizing that she was trying to evict her two sons and herself. After the police and the local administration asked everyone to stay together, Kumari was repeatedly attacked.

After my death, my mother-in-law started cursing me saying that I should be beaten every day. Kumari left home on November 26 after her husband, mother-in-law and relatives were strangers. He said, “No one listened to me in Udaipur.” No complaint was lodged with the police. Nor did society speak in my favor. Women’s rights activists also suggested living together. That is why I have come to my sister’s house seeking justice.

At this point, the tears in Kumari’s eyes are gone. Sleep is lost. He has come to Morang to save his life after being beaten, bitten and beaten by the boy who got married after dreaming of falling from the sky. She said, “Am I not getting justice now?”


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