The inventory marketplace continues to say no, purchasing and promoting 9.5 million loads in an afternoon

The stock market continues to decline, buying and selling 9.5 million lots in a day

November 10, 2078 15:25 VikasNews

Kathmandu. The stock market has been steadily declining lately. The market, which has been declining since the beginning of this year, also declined in the last trading session on Thursday.

The Nepse index, a measure of share turnover, has dropped by 59.57 points to 2690.29 points. Which is 2.17 percent less than the previous day.

The transaction amount in the market has also decreased. Shares worth Rs 5.11 billion were traded in the market, which had a turnover of Rs 6.52 billion on Tuesday. 94 lakh 75 thousand 936 lots of shares have been bought and sold on Thursday.

Mahalakshmi Development Bank has the highest turnover in terms of transaction amount. Shares of the bank worth Rs 474.9 million have been bought and sold on the same day. Its last trade was at Rs 714 per capita. Which is 9.99 percent or Rs. 95.60 compared to the previous day.

Even in a continuously declining market, the share prices of the two companies have turned positive. Shares of Manushi MFI and Tehrathum Power Company fell by 10 and 9.99 percent, respectively.

On the other hand, the share prices of the two companies have taken a negative circuit. Shares of ICFC Finance and Mahalakshmi Development Bank fell 9.99 percent.

All the groups that have come to trade in the market are seen in Ratamme. Out of which, life insurance group has declined the most by 316 points.


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