Those are the 8 accused within the Kailali incident

Police have made public the names of eight people arrested in Kailali on the charge of murder and murder of a youth. Eight persons have been arrested for allegedly killing Bhupendra Baduwal, 23, of Lamkichuha Municipality-1 near Khukuri Prahar near Siddhartha Hotel in Tikapur Municipality-1 on Tuesday night. .

Aryan Debkota, 20, of Lamkichuha Municipality-3 has been arrested by the Superintendent of Police, District Police Office, Kailali on the charge of assault. According to him, it is Devkota who has accused Bhupendra of being a scapegoat.

Similarly, Mahesh Rawal, 24, Dhiraj Shahi, 20, Nishan Malla, 18, of Lamkichuha-1, Kapil Shrestha, 22, Pravin Rimal, 22, of Tikapur Municipality-1, Sohan Shah, 26, and Rohit Ale, 21 have been arrested. Apart from Devkota, seven others have been arrested for allegedly plotting to assassinate him. The eight arrested persons will be brought to the District Police Office today, said the Superintendent of Police.

According to the police, a black scooter (SUP01008P 5565) and used for killing were also recovered from the spot. According to the police, the search is on for some of the fugitives.

Police said that the hotel operator and his wife were taken under control for their own safety after the attack on the hotel. From the scene, a scooter numbered SUPP01008P 5565 and SUPPR. Police said that the motorcycle (01008 Pa 1072) was taken under control.

Even so, Karnali is still in its infancy
Sixty-seven percent of the people of Karnali are still dependent on Tuki and solar energy for their livelihood. According to the Water Resources and Energy Development Division under the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development, Karnali has a population of over 1.8 million and only 33.39 percent or 561,000 people have direct access to electricity. The remaining 1.3 million, or 67 percent, are dependent on Tuki and Dayalo. According to civil rights activists, Karnali, which has the capacity and potential to generate about 18,000 MW of electricity, has been forced to live in darkness under the lights due to lack of investment.

Until a few years ago, 72 percent of the people of Karnali had no access to electricity. According to the Ministry of Physical Development, it has decreased by five percent recently after the state and local governments built small and micro hydropower and solar energy.

The state government has allocated Rs. 423.1 million for rural electrification in the districts of the state in the current Fiscal Year 2078/79 as in previous years. In the three years since the formation of the state government, the government’s goal of making Karnali dark-free through micro-hydropower and alternative energy has become like a dream.

How much access to electricity in which district?

So far, only 47 percent of the population in Surkhet, 50 in Salyan, 39 in Rukum-West, 26 in Dailekh and 26 in Jajarkot have got electricity service. Similarly, 20 percent in Dolpa, five percent in Jumla, 22 percent in Kalikot, 19 percent in Mugu and 28 percent in Humla have access to electricity. This is the number of beneficiaries from national transmission lines, micro hydro projects and alternative energy. According to the statistics, the highest number of citizens in Salyan and the lowest in Jumla have access to electricity, according to the Energy Development Division of the Ministry.

So far, only seven out of ten districts of the state have been connected to the national transmission line. The national grid has not yet reached the three districts. Surkhet, Dailekh, Salyan, Jajarkot, Kalikot, Rukum-West and Jumla district headquarters Khalanga Bazaar only has access to the national transmission line. It has not been decided yet when the national transmission line will reach Mugu, Humla and Dolpa in Upper Karnali. Residents of Upper Karnali say that they are waiting for the national transmission line to arrive.


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