Uncommon case: Covid an infection in puppy canine

LONDON: A pet dog has contracted covid infection in Britain. This has been confirmed by the head of the British Veterinary Office. A laboratory test conducted by the Animal and Plant Health Organization (APHA) confirmed the presence of covid in the dog. The health of infected dogs is improving.

It is said that Kovid was transferred from the owner to the dog. Earlier, the owner of the dog was found to be covid positive. According to APH, the dog was transmitted from its owner as there was no evidence of transmission from any other animal. APH’s veterinary officer, Christine Middle Middle, said there was no evidence that the pet had transmitted the virus directly to humans.

It is rare for a dog to be infected with covid. Infected dogs have normal symptoms of covid and will recover in a few days, experts said.

According to the UK’s epidemiologist K. Therin Roussel, covid is usually easily transmitted from one person to another, but can sometimes be transmitted from person to animal. He suggested that people should wash their hands regularly with soap and water after touching animals.

Twenty months later, the US border is open

The United States has opened its border to foreign travelers who have been fully vaccinated against the virus since Monday. The decision was implemented in the United States on Monday, ending a 20-month travel ban. Former President Donald Trump imposed the ban in March 2020 because of Covid 19.

More than 30 countries, including the United Kingdom and the European Union, have not been able to reunite with their families due to US rule. Due to this ban, the tourism sector was hit hard. With the new rules, airlines are expected to increase the number of visitors coming and going. Officials say visitors are being closely monitored for vaccinations. United Airlines expects international passenger arrivals in the United States to increase by 50 percent. The head of Delta Airlines has said that some passengers may have to wait for their turn.

Passengers will now have to submit a full vaccination certificate, test for covid negative within three days of departure and their contact details before taking off. The seven main vaccines used internationally have been recognized in that order. Chinese travelers were barred from entering the United States in early 2020 to prevent the spread of the coyote, and the ban has since been extended to other countries.


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