When Director Basic Shrestha requested the President his identify and age

Kathmandu. National Census 2078 has started from Thursday. According to the Central Statistics Office, the census has been started from the President’s Office, Shital Niwas.

The census was started at 10:30 am with the information of President Bidyadevi Bhandari, said Director General of the Department Nevin Lal Shrestha. Director General Shrestha himself took the personal and family details of President Bhandari.

According to Bhesharaj Adhikari, the president’s personal secretary, Shrestha had asked questions to President Bhandari as an enumerator. He asked the honorable Jew about his name, age and other details. The president himself answered some questions, ‘the official said.

A team comprising Dr. Ram Kumar Phuyal, a member of the National Planning Commission and Kewal Bhandari, the secretary of the commission had reached Shital Niwas to get the information of the President.

The enumerators will reach all the houses in the country in the next 15 days, i.e. in the census to be held from 25th of November to 9th of Mansir. The Central Statistics Office has stated that 40,000 enumerators have been mobilized for this purpose.

In order to monitor the work of enumerators, 8,500 supervisors have been mobilized in the ward offices to fill up the community questionnaires.

This is the first census since the establishment of the Federal Democratic Republic. This census will reflect the real state of affairs in terms of whether services have been decentralized in line with the spirit of federalism and how the living standards of citizens have changed.

In Nepal, Rana Prime Minister Chandrashamsher The census was started in 1968. Since then, a census has been conducted every 10 years.

What details are taken?

How many men, women, and transgender people live in your family often? (The other gender is defined as a person belonging to a sexual or sexual minority community.)

How is the house you live in or any other type of house used? (This question gives the number of residential, business, government, educational, healthcare, industry and factory, bank and financial institution, institutional, hotel and lodge, barn and barn and vacant house.)

How much arable land did you consume and how many livestock did your family raise?

Your family has built a residential house under a government grant, no.

How many people in your household have a bank or financial institution account in their name?

How many people in your family have technical and vocational education or training?

Has your family availed loan facility from banks, cooperatives or financial institutions?


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