Why no longer put on a rudraksha garland by yourself?

Kathmandu: Rudraksha is a special kind of tree seed. Generally, it is found at fixed altitudes in hilly areas or in the Himalayas. Rudraksha trees are now found in Nepal, Burma, Thailand, and Indonesia. Its trees are found in some areas of the Western Ghats of South India. However, high quality rudraksha is found at a certain height in the Himalayas, as it is affected by soil, environment and everything.

Which Rudraksha is better – one-faced, five-faced or other?

Rudraksha seeds range from one-faced to twenty-one-faced. They are used for different purposes, so it is not advisable to go to any shop and wear any kind of Rudraksha. The wrong kind of rudraksha can make your life chaotic. Most people want to wear a single-faced rudraksha, as it is extremely powerful. When you have many forms, many faces, you are inviting problems when you wear one-sided rudraksha.

People say that if you plant one-sided rudraksha, you will leave your house in twelve days. It doesn’t matter if you leave your family or not. The thing is, it makes your energies feel like you want to be alone. You can’t get along with other people. If you want to plant a special kind of grain, it would be best to take it from someone who has a good knowledge of it – not just go to the market and buy it!

Panchamukhi Rudraksha is safe and helpful for everyone – men, women, children and everyone else. This Rudraksha is beneficial for prosperity, health and freedom. It lowers your blood pressure, and especially brings peace and alertness to your nervous system. Children under the age of 14 can wear Shanmukhi or 6-faced Rudraksha. It helps them to be calm and concentrated. The most important thing is that they receive proper care and attention from adults.

Gaurishankar is a special type of Rudraksha, which brings balance between your Ida (left pulse) and Pingala (right pulse). In general, people believe that it will bring prosperity. Prosperity is not only related to the economic side. It can be obtained in many forms. You can be prosperous in life even if you have nothing. If you are balanced and work wisely in life, prosperity will come by itself. This happens when the energies work well; The energies work best when Ida and Pingala are in balance. Gaurishankar keeps your Ida and Pingala in balance and activates them.

If you want to purify your life, Rudraksha can be a helpful tool. When a person is on the spiritual path, he wants to use even the smallest support available on that path to elevate himself – of course, Rudraksha is a very good support. The Guru energizes the Rudraksha in different ways for different people. Rudraksha is a source of energy for those living in a family situation. If you want to be a celibate or a hermit, Rudraksha is energized in a very different way. Rudraksha, which is especially full of energy, should not be worn by people living a family life.

Why do monks and nuns wear rudraksha?

For those who have to travel frequently or do not know where to eat and sleep, Rudraksha is a great support, as it protects your own energy. You should be aware that when you move to a new place, sometimes you fall asleep immediately; However, if you go to a certain place, you will not be able to sleep even if your body is completely tired. This is because if the situation around you is not conducive to your energy, it will not allow you to remain stable and calm. Since the sadhus and sannyasis are constantly traveling, different places and circumstances are likely to cause problems. The rule for them was never to spend two nights in the same place. Now, once again, people are eating and sleeping in different places because of their profession or business – so, Rudraksha can be helpful.

Another thing is that the monks and nuns living in the forest did not drink water from any of the ponds, because many times the water may have become poisonous or contaminated due to various gases in nature. If they drink such water, it can cripple them or even kill them. When you hold a Rudraksha garland and hang it over the water, if the water is good or drinkable, the Rudraksha will rotate to the right or in a clockwise direction; If the water is toxic, it will rotate to the left or counterclockwise. When the Rudraksha is hung over something that has a positive energy, it will rotate clockwise. When the Rudraksha is hung over something whose life-energy is negative, it will rotate counterclockwise.

Things to consider before wearing a rudraksha garland:

Usually, the grains are picked as garlands. Tradition has it that the number of donations in a garland should be one hundred and eight and one extra (108 + 1). The extra grains are called dots. There should always be a point in the rosary, otherwise the energy is cyclical (circular), so people who are more sensitive may feel dizzy. Adults should not wear garlands with less than 84 + 1 grains. Even more than that number is appropriate.

When you weave the grains, it is best to weave them in silk or cotton thread. It is advisable to change the thread every six months, otherwise one day the thread may become weak and break and the grains may be scattered all over. This is fine if you want to use copper, silver or gold, but the most common problem is that when you give a garland to a goldsmith, he will tie the knot with gold wire or some other wire so that the rudrakshas are very close. They tie a knot, which can cause the rudraksha to crack. It is very important to loosen it up a bit.

Rudraksha garland can be worn anytime. You can wear it even while taking a bath. If you take a bath with such cold water without using any chemical soap, it is especially good to get a drop of water from rudraksha seeds on your body. However, if you are using chemical soap and hot water, it will weaken and crack after a while. Therefore, it is advisable not to wear rudraksha at such times.

Another important thing is that you should not give or take the rudraksha that you are wearing. Because, Rudraksha has incorporated such vibration in itself, which is helpful for you or let’s say you have some element in it. For this reason, in this culture, it is said that we should not take salt, oil and lemon in the hands of others. Because, as soon as they come in contact with something else, they absorb its qualities. In particular, the small lemon absorbs everything, which is why it is used in temples or for black magic.

Rudraksha: A shield against negative energy
Rudraksha is also a kind of shield against negative energy. One person can use negative energy to harm another. It is possible. This is a complete science in itself. Of the four Vedas, the Atharva Veda focuses on how to use energies for one’s own benefit and to the detriment of others. Anyone who is good at it, if he wants to, can inflict terrible suffering on others – even death!

Rudraksha is a protector against such things. You may wonder why someone else would say something negative to you. However, this does not mean that you should be targeted. Suppose someone does something to a person sitting next to you. But, if he is not receptive to it, now it can affect you, because you are sitting next to him. It’s like two people shooting at each other on the road. Well, even if they don’t intend to shoot you, you can get shot. In the same way, these things can happen. It may not be targeted at you, but it can happen if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is no need to be afraid of thinking about these things, but a garland of rudraksha acts as a shield.

Rudraksha – To make oneself available for grace

Suppose you put Rudraksha on your body 24 hours a day for one or two years and one day you try to get rid of it, you can’t sleep. It feels like an organ of your body, because Rudraksha is a part of you, it works like an organ in itself. The function of this organ is to provide you with grace.

No matter what you do in your life — whether it be a spiritual process or health or well-being — unless you have mercy, you will not succeed. Without mercy, no human being, no creature would survive. If you consciously make grace a part of your life, everything becomes comfortable and simple. Rudraksha increases that possibility.

How to get real Rudraksha?

Traditionally, garlands have always been sold by people who saw it as a sacred act of their lives. This is what they have done for generations. They also made a living from it. But, basically, it was like a sacred duty to give to the people. But, as the demand for it grew, it became established as a business. There is another grain like Rudraksha, which is called Bhadraksha. It is poisonous. At first glance, they both look alike.

You can’t tell the difference just by looking at it. Only if you take it in hand and you are sensitive will you know. It should not be worn on the body, but nowadays it is sold in many places as Rudraksha. Therefore, when you take a garland of Rudraksha, it is inevitable to get it from a reliable source.

-Based on Sadguru’s discourse


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