New experiment on this yr’s league, dependancy of gazing soccer?

October 27, Kathmandu. It has been used extensively in the nearly seven decades since the beginning of the A Division League football in Nepal.

The organizing All Nepal Football Association is going to make another use in the league which is going to be held from 3rd November this year. ANFA has decided to play in the evening under floodlights, play on weekends, play in more than one stadium and reduce ticket fees.

ANFA is trying to take the league out of Kathmandu this time. But it has not been decided whether the game will be played outside Kathmandu or not. Earlier, the 2076 League was played by ANFA at Dasharath Stadium and at the ANFA headquarters ground in Satdobato. This time, ANFA is almost certain to play in the league at Lalitpur’s Castle ground in the Valley.

A Division Club Manang Marsyangdi has named Pokhara football ground as its home ground. Due to this, ANFA has also tried to play some league games in Pokhara Stadium.

However, ANFA general secretary Indraman Tuladhar and league committee director Sanjeev Mishra could not say at which press ground the games would be played.

Mishra said that league games can be played in Pokhara but much preparation remains to be done. “We are still discussing the issue of playing games in Pokhara,” he said. General Secretary Indraman Tuladhar said that the ANFA team would go to Pokhara to study the Pokhara playground.

Hope to awaken football culture

ANFA has reduced ticket prices to attract more spectators to the stadium to watch football. This time, the ticket price has been fixed at Rs.

Another experiment in the league this time is to play only on weekends and that too in the evenings. ANFA estimates that the number of spectators will increase when the game is played in the evening during the weekly holidays.

According to league director Sanjeev Mishra, the games will be played only on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. “There will be one game on Friday and two on Saturday. The second game will start at 4:30 pm, ”said Mishra.

There will be two games three days a week and only one game a day. A club will play only one game in a year. The first two rounds of the league will be played only at Dasharath Stadium and ANFA Complex. League director Sanjeev Mishra said there was still some work to be done at the Castle ground and that the game could only be played after the second round.

The inaugural match of this edition of the league will be played between Friends Club and newly arrived Satdobato Youth Club on Friday, November 19 at Dasharath Stadium in Tripureshwor. The game will start at 5 pm.

The league will start on November 19 and will continue till March 8. The 9-round match will be over by January 20. After that, there will be a FIFA day break from January 10 to 18. In which Nepal will also have the possibility to play a friendly game, ‘said Mishra.

According to him, even after that, the possibility of playing in January is low. He said that in the last four rounds, two games can be played at the same time in a day.

The budget is 65 million

The total budget of A Division League is Rs 65 million, said ANFA General Secretary Indraman Tuladhar. Qatar Airways, the main sponsor, said it would provide Rs 15 million.

The Bagmati state government has also sponsored the prize money for the winner of each game in the league. Apart from this, the money raised from ticket sales and money for the league will also be received from FIFA.

This time, ANFA will increase the prize money and provide cash only to the top three clubs. The winner of the league will get Rs 7.5 million, the runner-up Rs 5 million and the third place winner Rs 2.5 million.

“In the past, clubs up to eighth place in the league used to get cash prizes. This time, we will change that and give cash only to the top three,” said league director Mishra. Similarly, the winner of each game will get Rs 50,000 and if the game is equal, both the teams will get the same Rs 25,000.

Individual prizes

There have been some modifications to the individual awards this time as well. Earlier, awards were given to the best forwards, midfielders, defenders, goalkeepers and coaches.

This year the awards will be given to the Most Valuable Player, the Highest Scorer, the Golden Gloves and the Emerging Player. Mishra said that the best player of the league will be given Rs 300,000 including Golden Ball, the highest goal scorer will be given Golden Boot and Rs 200,000, the best goalkeeper will be given Golden Gloves and Rs 200,000 and the emerging player will be given Rs 150,000.

In modern football, the same player can play in the forward and midfield. As it is difficult to separate the position wise, the genre has been changed according to the international recognition, ‘said Mishra.


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