4 killed in automotive twist of fate

Four Indian nationals have died in a car accident in Rautahat last night. A car coming from Chandranigahapur towards the district headquarters Gaur had fallen into a pond about 20 meters below the road at around 10 last night. Police rescued four people by breaking the lead of a submerged car. He was pronounced dead at the hospital last night after being taken to hospital for treatment.

The car with Indian number plate had met with an accident near Jhunkhunwa intersection of Yamunai village. The car (UK 12 C 2900) fell into a pond below the road due to uncontrollable movement.

Based on the ID cards found in the pockets of the four deceased, it was revealed that their address was Vetauna Patahi Police Station in East Champaran District of Bharat Bihar. SP Ghimire informed that his family members came to identify him after sending a text message to the Indian police for identification. They were returning to India to deliver Chhath offerings at the house of their relative Naresh Sah in Dewahi Gonahi Municipality-4 of Rautahat.


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